Beginning of my gratitude journal


Gratitude for being able to work in my pajamas

Sometimes when one of my clients seems to be in a negative rut that they just are not breaking out of, I suggest that they keep a Gratitude Journal. I have seen gratitude journals turn people’s lives around very, very fast. It’s a powerful way to get our focus off of what is not working onto what is working.

The intense turbulence of recent events in my life, especially the medical emergency with Fritz the Cat, has definitely thrown me out of my usually very appreciative way of looking at life. So, to practice what I preach, I’m starting one here today.

Here are a few things I am grateful for:

1. I am super grateful that Fritz the Cat is still with us and that his most recent test results had improved so much.

2. I feel very grateful that I opted out of the rat race and can work at home in my pajamas.

3. I feel happy that money unexpectedly came in after I posted that last blog entry, because I’ve really been focused on other things lately and the money is very helpful right now. I love having God for my employer, because He always delivers.

4. I appreciate the goofy comments that Dom leaves on this website, as well as his willingness to tap about Mark.

5. I feel grateful that I own this house free and clear.

6. I am glad that the remaining debt I have is either at zero percent interest or less than one percent. So it’s not really like debt at all. It’s just paying cash over time.

7. I deeply appreciate my clients and customers who have been very loyal to Holistic Belief Reprogramming, to me, and to Fritz the Cat. They make all of this worthwhile.

8. I am happy that the renter whose dog messed up my carpet has agreed to pay for the damage, without haggling about it at all (and after he voluntarily reported the problem in August). It shows me that the world can be an honest place with integrity, where people can peacefully work things out in a fair way.

9. I love my cat Harvey, who has just been the sweetest boy through all the turmoil of the past couple months. He teaches me non-reactivity in his response to Fritz’s more exuberant personality. And he loves to cuddle.

10. I am grateful that I have the health and the abundance to participate in massage, acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, and skiing.

11. I adore the wood stove here, and how good it feels to make fires.

12. I deeply appreciate the caring partners I’ve found in the areas of massage, acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, and much more. I feel very supported by them.

13. I love living in the woods, waking up to snow all over the trees. Seeing the deer meandering their way through the snow. It’s really beautiful.

14. I am very happy that the internet has made it possible for many of us to create a new life for ourselves “off the grid” that previously was unimaginable.

15. I am super grateful that Holistic Belief Reprogramming has freed me from chronic pain and other chronic health issues that were seemingly “incurable.”

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