Two Weekends of Seduction: Hristiyan and Zan

Hey everyone,

I’m leaving shortly on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again …

This weekend is Hristiyan’s conference in Los Angeles.

Next weekend is Zan’s program in Austin.

I’m very excited. :-)

I’m also deeply touched by the hospitality that has been extended to me. This weekend I’m staying with one of the guys I met at Johnny Soporno’s program way back in January. And Hristiyan is covering my plane fare, too. I feel very cherished :-)

Next weekend, El Topo (whom I met at Mehow’s conference back in March) invited me to stay with him and the rest of the gang. Hooray! This is going to be so much fun. I wonder if my abstinence will survive all this beautiful masculine energy … ;-)

We also have a HUGE event coming up in July: Erika’s first speaking gig in the seduction community … at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. Don’t miss this conference: four days of excellent speakers for only $250 is truly the best deal in the community right now. Plus, I’ll be there live and in person and can probably do some EFT sessions on the side.

All right, I’d better go so that I don’t miss my flight. I’ll report back on the next two weekends very soon.


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