You are out of touch with your feelings. This is how I know.

Being in touch with our feelings. A lot of people talk about it. Very few understand how problematic it really is to be out of touch with our feelings.

Get in touch with your feelings

Get in touch with your feelings

Let me say something that will shock and possibly offend a lot of people: Whenever something is happening in your life that you do not like, it is because you were out of touch with your feelings and you did not know how to use your feelings for empowerment. Boom. There are no exceptions.

In one of my coaching sessions with one of my private clients a few days ago, something remarkable happened that shows exactly what I mean. This client, we will call him Jack, was having Week 1 of my amazing 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program (read more about it here). He had been finding ways to delay the start of the program, despite having sent me more than $10,000 as a deposit. And in the week just before the program, he was telling me that his parents were forbidding him to do the program at all, and he would have to quit. (Understand that I have a very strict no refund policy on my programs, so he was seriously talking about leaving more than $10,000 on the table and bailing. Pretty extreme.)

Well, I have encountered this same “problem parent” issue before with other clients. It’s exactly this type of issue that led me to create a no refund policy in the first place, to prevent people from self-sabotaging in my miracle coaching programs. You see, most of us have subconscious guilt about becoming empowered, and we project this guilt onto other people. We create seemingly “external” obstacles as a way of keeping ourselves stuck. I have worked this through with other clients and have had totally uncooperative parents transform completely in a matter of a few weeks and actually become supportive of their children doing my programs. We create this transformation with a combination of internal clearing and powerful communication.

I am well-known for my “tough love” coaching. I was not buying into these obstacles at all, and I do not wish for my client to lose the five-figure investment he has already made with me. So I told my client that quitting the program was a dead end that would get him nowhere. He must face his parents eventually, and he may as well do it now with the support of this powerful 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program.

Get in touch with your feelings to become more powerful

Get in touch with your feelings to become more powerful

To his credit, my client showed up for Week #1 session this week. We covered the miracle coaching curriculum for the day, and we had just begun our EFT tapping when I felt my lower back get painful. I am an empath. I can feel other people’s feelings no matter if they are across the world from me (this client lives in Europe). Anyone can learn how to be an empath. We all have this ability. However, as yet, very few people have committed to developing this talent.

So I asked my client if he was in touch with anger. He said “no, I’m not angry.” I knew this was not true so I kept tapping with him a little more in hopes he would get in touch with the anger but he did not. My back got more painful, and I needed to go to the bathroom so I excused myself. On the way to the bathroom, my cat Fritz attacked me and growled. He is usually a very gentle kitty, and he only does this when there is a lot of anger in the air. This was another confirmation of what I was already feeling. I went back to the call and said, “There’s definitely anger here, do you feel it yet?” My client still said no. We tapped a little more.

Within about two minutes, I could hear screaming and banging on the other side of the call. My client’s father had come to his bedroom and was furious that my client had moved forward with the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program despite his father’s disapproval! Yelling back and forth ensued, and then the Skype connection went dead.

Lol, that was the end of the session for the day. My client to his credit went to talk with his parents directly. And he later emailed me and said he was amazed that I could feel the anger before the fight happened.

Well, everyone could do this. And being so in touch with your own feelings that you are able to feel other people’s feelings is an amazingly valuable gift to have, because when you can feel the anger and guilt and shame ahead of time, you can actually PREVENT the negative event from happening. But most people are totally oblivious. Bad things happen to them day in and day out, and they have no idea that if they would just get in touch with their feelings, they could start anticipating and preventing these events. Instead, they play victim and continue on with lackluster and even miserable lives.

You could get your power back starting today. You will, however, need to stop avoiding your feelings and start feeling them instead. This skill of being an empath is so valuable that you can make a lot of money helping other people develop it. This is why they pay me the big bucks. People wire me tens of thousands of dollars at a time to get access to my intuition and empathetic abilities. Just this week, I’m making $40,000 in one week. And from this story you can see why. This skill of being an empath and knowing what to do with your feelings to transform reality completely is priceless.

Isn’t it time that you get in touch with your feelings and the deeper harmonies of the Universe? Get started here.


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter

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