Law of Karma, God’s Justice, and How PostFeminine Came to Me

Law of Karma, God's Justice

Law of Karma, God’s Justice

The Law of Karma – do you understand it and know how to make it work for you?

Let’s talk about the Law of Karma and God’s Justice today. I have been receiving a lot of questions recently about the intention and purpose of PostFeminine. Lots of people are excited about the new website, which is wonderful :) Some people have mistakenly believed that I was dissing my ex Mark PostMasculine. That is not the case. PostFeminine is all about creating understanding and healing in this situation so that God’s Justice can be done. We need to understand the Law of Karma. Those who do not believe in God are going to be a bit at a disadvantage in using the Law of Karma, but if you feel more comfortable calling it Spirit or Universe, that is fine. The Law of Karma arises out of a deep recognition of our Oneness and the Goodness of All Creation.

Not to put too fine a point on it, a little over three years ago, I was totally screwed over. Some people have tried to explain away or justify what happened, but it cannot be justified. It was WRONG. At the time, I was emotionally shattered and not powerful enough to stand up for justice in the situation. Fortunately, when we turn to God for help, He can bring justice even if years have gone by. God’s Justice is perfect, so all wrongs will be corrected.

Law of Karma, God's Justice

Law of Karma, God’s Justice

The Law of Karma states that what we do unto others shall be done unto us. God is not punitive as He acts through the Law of Karma, but He is very firm. When we happily accept what He wants for us, we get only happiness and an easy life. When we resist what He wants from us, we run into pain. This is not punitive. It is God’s way of waking us up to the Truth and getting us to do the right thing and live ethically. As more and more people awaken, we will have Heaven on Earth, and this sorry world will turn into Paradise.

In this current situation, I had attempted to get justice for over three years without success. That is a violation of the Law of Karma. And because it was creating pain for me, I turned to God for help. I prayed to Him and asked him what would bring justice and peace to this situation and get my ex to do the right thing. The guidance I received in response to that prayer was the idea to create PostFeminine.

And now the situation is in perfect alignment with the Law of Karma. A person has two choices. He can continue to do the wrong thing, which will result in pain and unending problems. Or he can accept his destiny and do the right thing, which will turn a seeming problem into an amazing opportunity. The one thing I can say with certainty is that the problem is not going away until he does the right thing. The Law of Karma is absolute. Even moving to Mars will not provide any escape because God is everywhere. I will not settle for anything less than perfect justice, because that is what God wants for me and for my ex. We are meant to be together, and we will be together. And then God will bestow the greatest rewards anyone has ever seen :) One by one, all mistakes will be corrected, as we create Heaven on Earth.


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  1. Erika you.are a warrior for.your heart and we are all rooting get back with Mark!!!!!

  2. Erika! This is WONDERFUL! I’m soooo energized reading these blissful posts where you don’t take no prisoners! You’re not “trying” to get Mark back…You’re GETTING Mark back, one way or another. You guys ARE the perfect couple!

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