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How to stop smoking with EFT tapping, using my free videos!

Are you struggling with some kind of addiction, whether it’s to food, smoking, sex, video games, Facebook, porn, or anything else? I know from talking to so many clients … addictions can be sooooo very frustrating. Well, perhaps today’s inspiring post might be your answer.

Remember our friend Hans who manifested $18,000 using my free EFT tapping videos? Yep, that was pretty awesome.

And Hans, bless his heart, decided to “pay it forward” by sharing the free EFT tapping videos (you can find the free EFT tapping videos listed here) … with a friend of his. This friend of his needed to stop smoking.

Guess what happened? :)

Hans’ friend Justince had been struggling to stop smoking. No matter what he did, he could not seem to kick his addiction to smoking. So I felt thrilled to see him post on Facebook his amazing experience with our free EFT tapping videos.

Here is Justince’s amazing success story of how he stopped smoking in his own words.

“I’m proud to say that I have dropped the urge to smoke and have never touched a cigarette this year after doing Erika Awakening’s Holistic Belief Reprogramming videos (which consists of an advanced version of EFT tapping, non-aggressive communication and other techniques on removing limiting beliefs and negative emotions in your subconscious) on her YouTube channel.

“I used to smoke a lot to escape from my negative emotions and life problems. Smoking once took up a big chunk of my daily life…. And it had hurt me financially & health-wise.

“Then I tried tapping to her free videos on her channel. At first I was skeptical about how this would work…. Then I started noticing changes in my body.

“I went for shisha smoking in November last year to enjoy. While smoking, I was surprised I couldn’t taste the fruity peach taste in my mouth (it tasted like tar and poison)… But I still continue smoking anyways thinking I would get the taste eventually. After 45 minutes of shisha, I ended up in the public toilet puking out all the toxins from my body…

“And this was my last shisha smoking session after that.

“That’s not all. A few days later I asked for a stick from my buddy and got one. I couldn’t finish the cigarette because I was feeling like shit after puffing a few times and I spend the rest of the day feeling sick and having constant feelings of vomiting.

“That was the last stick I took.

“Now I am finally free from my smoking addiction. Whenever I picked up a cigarette, my body will reject it by making me sick and nauseous.

“This is how effective her Holistic Belief Reprogramming videos are.”

– Justince

Thank you for letting us share your story, Justince. I feel so happy for you that you are free from your addiction to smoking. So many people struggle to stop smoking. Our goal is to make it easy to stop smoking, by changing the person at the level of the subconscious mind.

Update August 10, 2015:

Justince posted again today in our Holistic Belief Reprogramming coaching group (you can join us by joining the Gold membership here) … to give us an even more inspiring six month update about his success with stopping smoking. This is what Justince said today:

“It’s been six months and my body is still rejecting cigarettes after doing the Holistic Belief Reprogramming videos.

“Today I took a puff to see if I am really free from my smoking addiction… and I can feel my body not wanting to take in the smoke. There are sensations in my solar plexus, as if its telling me ‘No I don’t want that shit.’ I do not have any enjoyment out of it.

“In the end I couldn’t even finish the cigarette and have to ditch it halfway. No smoke have entered my lung (they were all in my mouth) and I have to blow it out.

“Goes to show Holistic Belief Reprogramming really works.”

– Justince

Some people may be surprised to discover that none of the free EFT tapping videos are about smoking specifically. So how was Justince able to get this result? Well, as I often tell my clients and customers, all of my EFT tapping videos are metaphorical. One problem, one solution.

That, however, is better explained in private coaching sessions, so you can learn about private coaching with Erika Awakening here.

Try out the free EFT tapping videos today. You just might be surprised how powerful they really are :)


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