Vegas, Baby!! 2012

Just finished up a really fun one-on-one intensive weekend with one of my private clients here at my beautiful home in the Lake Tahoe area (to learn more about that program, click here) … and now …

Oooooh, I am getting so excited for next week on Johnny Soporno Worthy Playboy … It’s always super fun, but I’m especially looking forward to it this year because, what a radical change in my own life from last year when I went there!!

For one thing, my business is going GREAT. December was another $25K+ month and it looks like this month may break all my previous records :) The Angel cards told me to “Reward Yourself,” and I’m going to treat myself to a wonderful room at a spa hotel while we are there, and a bunch of spa treatments. One of my customers very graciously offered me his “friends and family” discount so pretty much the Strip is my oyster :)

Second, last year I still had a day job. So I was only attending this event for a few days. This time I get to go for the whole week, and really drop in and relax!

Third, ever since I recorded the ultra-powerful 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge, something very deep has shifted in me. I’ve been having vivid and wonderful sexual dreams, my physiology is changing (yes, I could swear my breasts are bigger lol, and my second chakra is definitely much softer and relaxed. It’ll be a wonderful time to see my friends there, including Sasha Daygame, Bravo PUA, Johnny of course, and many, many other friends who return year after year because this is such an amazing event. Who knows? I might even get laid.

Fourth, we heard that Steve P. is going to be coming again this year, and it’ll be awesome to see him. I’ve been on quite a journey since my White Tiger Tantra experience, so this feels like bringing it all full circle. This is my year of completion, endings and beginnings, all in a really amazing and beautiful way.

Fifth, I will also be making a guest appearance at Vince Kelvin’s also life-changing Initiation. It’s gonna be a fun and full week …

And really that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how awesome it’s going to be. Did I mention the private live sex parties? Haha, you know you WISH your life were this colorful :p This might also be the LAST year, because there may not be an Adult industry by next year. So if you’ve ever considered coming, THIS IS THE YEAR TO DO IT. Johnny Soporno Worthy Playboy You’ll be SO glad that you did.

I have a feeling that I’ll be writing some really JUICY blog posts after this trip, lol … if you are a voyeur at heart, stay tuned :p

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