Simple Joy III – Being Transported by Music

Just another thing I’ve noticed lately …

As I move evermore into the present moment, sometimes I’ll be listening to my headphones or the car radio, and I literally disappear into the music.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” or Celine Dion and Josh Groban singing “The Prayer” (wow, what voices!).

It’s like the notes, and especially the harmonies, go into the deepest parts of me, and everthing else is just gone. Sometimes I turn the volume up so high that I’m completely overwhelmed. It’s kinda like the pleasure of a beautiful orgasm, where all the elements come together into Oneness.

I sing in the car sometimes now too, and I don’t care who sees. :-)

A guy told me at dinner the other night that I’m like a little child because I’ll see something and get utterly absorbed in it.

The other way that I’ve become like a child is how fluid my emotions are. I can be really upset one day, and the next day it’s as if whatever triggered me never happened at all. Resentment (which is a stagnant emotion from anger that didn’t get cleared) never happens anymore. A little sad here, a little annoyed there, but … like a child, or a wild animal, I just keep going right back to happy.

“Be ye as little children.”


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