Simple Joy II – Mountain Biking in the Rain

Simple Joy – Mountain Biking In the Rain

mountain biking in the rain

I love the rain. Mountain biking in the rain is magical.

I feel inspired to post again about Simple Joy: Mountain Biking in the Rain.

Yesterday it was pouring. I told some people that I was going mountain biking. They said “you CAN’T do that, it’s pouring.” And it was. Hardest rain I’ve seen here in a while.

Well, can’t shman’t. I went anyways. Mountain biking in the rain.

And it felt so … alive. I was all by myself up in the woods of Marin. Rain is pouring down, coating my face, running in rivulets down my thighs as I’m booking along. Suddenly I find myself way up in the hills, looking up at these mystical ancient trees 100 feet above me. Taking in the gold and orange of the fall colors, fallen leaves underfoot, water running in small brownish streams down the path.

Mountain biking in the rain.

The creeks are thundering, the rain is crashing down on the forest around me, and I feel completely at one with it all. My breath has become one with the sound of the rain. I look up at the sky, at the forest canopy, and water pours all over my face.

When I’m there, nothing can touch me. The past is gone. The future is gone. The world is mine.


erika awakening

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  1. Hi sexy, I miss you too. :-)

  2. Tras Berg says:

    Wow, why didn’t you tell me you where into mountain biking? I was biking that day too, got totally drenched and loved every minute of it. I stopped at Ross and picked up a beanie and some warmer socks, then got right back on and kept pedalling. The Scottish have a saying: “There’s not such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” Let’s take a ride up Blithedale canyon sometime soon. The views from the side of Mt. Tam are breathtaking, as it seems you’re aware.

  3. Thanks for all the comments, guys. Yeah, being in nature makes me feel fully alive. That’s why I love skiing so much, too. All that adrenaline and altitude and fresh air and … speed. Whew — I can’t wait!!

  4. Wow, that’s AWESOME! When I went to school in Berkeley I used to go out at night in the pouring rain and walk around campus. Nobody would be around, the little creek would be rising and getting louder, I’d feel the cold rain on me and just loved it. I never shared that with anybody, I was worried they’d think I was suicidal or something.

  5. Hot Alpha Female says:

    I think that is how you feel when you are really present.

    Being around nature, seems to connect you with the universe and you feel all is well and everything is good.

    Its called living.

    Being present is about, jumping in puddles when it rains, laughing when all you want to do is cry, singing out aloud so everyone can hear you, reaching out and talking to random strangers.

    Thank you

    Hot Alpha Female

  6. nature really is awesome once you take the time to embrace the vibes it gives off.

  7. Thank you for this. It was wonderful. Truly.

    I’ll be reading more of your blog from now on. See you around.

    Love Always,

  8. “The past is gone. The future is gone. The world is mine.”

    I feel the same when I run. The exact same.

  9. Yeah. We modern people are so sensitive to rain but if you really expose yourself to it, it can be wonderful. Just like you described.


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