Today I had my first strip dance class. It was SO MUCH FUN.


I am going to sign up for some private lessons, and this is about to become my off-ski season workout.

What an amazing way to come fully into alignment with my body and my sexual energy …

I’m always exploring ways to improve HBR. Anything that gets us outside our comfort zone, more fully expressed, more fully authentic, especially in “taboo” areas like sexuality … is a likely place to look for reclaiming power that we had previously disowned.

These stripper classes look very promising for that kind of reclamation.

Stay tuned … :)

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  1. Ryan Orrock says:

    Looking forward to the videos

  2. who are you taking pole dancing classes with? if for any reason you’d like to check out other instructors – let me know. I’ve been producing music for the pole dancer community for over a year now and have the best instructors for you in the south land. hit me up if your interested.


    good evening.as i left you the message on the message.lol you are 1 in a million. you captivate my soul.you intrigue my mind.you enlarge my heart. you are so complete.honest,strong,entrepenoir.i hope i spelled that 1 right.lol if only a higher power would bless me with a lady such as you.i would absoloutly be the happiest man on earth.i was about to explain in my text….people have the wrong idea about dancers or stripping.those women ,at least 97% are the most wonderful ladies.thier not all about sex.though they are entertainers.its a living.many times i have danced for my favorite dancers.yes…i got right up on the stage and sensualy danced for them.they like massages between sets.good conversation.its not like they get off stage and theres all sex happening.i think thats what most people believe.i could even teach you.if you were single.i mean that wouldnt just be understood.so,good luck.have fun.its quite a workout.you may find that your sore all over.hence why they loved me to give massages.which im going to school for next session.i really like you in every way.your the only lady who opens me up.usually i have vry little to say.its hard.you sit with a lady and cant think of words.you have a spell on me.oh yea,dont be surprised the class is full of women.hopefully my explanation will help you understand that.thank you for being so fantastic.

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