Sex as Meditation? Words from Osho …

Hey, I might go to the PUA Summit on September 26 to 27. Anyone else going?

Meanwhile, today I found some really beautiful passages in The Book of Secrets by Osho. I wanted to share one of them with you and hear your responses and see how it resonates with you.

How to make the sex act a meditation? Just by surrendering it becomes so. Do not think about it, let it happen. And be relaxed, do not move ahead. This is one of the basic problems with the mind: it always moves ahead. It is always seeking the result, and the result is in the future. You are never in the act, you are always in the future seeking a result. That seeking of a result is disturbing everything, it damages everything. …

Sex can become a deep insight into being here and now. That is, I think, the only act now left in which you can be here and now. … Only in love can you be here and now. …

Forget everything. Flow in the moment and allow your bodies their expression. Your bodies know well; they have their own wisdom. Your bodies are constituted of sex cells. They have a built-in program; you are not asked at all. Just leave it to the body and the body will move. This leaving it to nature together, both together, this letting go, will create meditation automatically. …

Surrender in love and feel it there. And then let it spread all over your life.

– Osho

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  1. Love Osho, He is by my opinion one of the rarest who took enlightenment to a whole other level. I feel sex is in a way like everything else, but only when you see it like that, fully, aware. I feel he said what he said because he is on that level. For most I feel we still use sex as getting something, even if its healing. Osho feels like pure Expression, Freedom, Love.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Well it looks like I’m going to be writing a series of articles offering a different perspective. I do not see any way that sex fits in to healing. I have tried many roads, and I think every road out there right now is self-deception and a road to death. So, we’ll see …

  2. I may be speaking at the summit but that's still in the air. More videos and pictures from Orlando coming soon.

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