p.s. for those who think that I am anti-sex

This is a p.s. for the last post (click here to read it about A God of A Man).

What you people do not understand is that I am not anti-sex. Not even close.

Sex can be profound and transcendent

I have in fact had absolutely mind-blowing and transcendent sex, most notably with Mark Postmasculine (now from MarkManson.net) … whom some of you know. It was so mind-blowing that we could barely move. It was mind-blowing because God was there with us, and He lifted us straight to Heaven. It was so mind-blowing that we both chickened out and he’s still running … sigh.

Knowing what sex CAN be, and knowing my own divinity and how beautiful my life has become, I simply am not willing to settle for the rushed, non-present, aluminum-foil bullshit that most people call sex.

Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone. But after you have seen what is possible, there is no going back.

Trust me, I will have it all, including a divine sex life. And not settling for less than what I really want is part of the process of getting there (see my journey with money for a very good example of this).

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I find your way of thinking to be interesting indeed. I love the fact of you saying you are not going to settle for less than what you really want. Thanks for sharing.

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