After all these many months, say what you will about them, I still love RSD Nation. For those who are not familiar, it’s a wonderful forum where guys share their experiences with each other about becoming more self-actualized and having better connections with women.

I wanted to share with my readers this thread on Emotional Freedom Technique. Shankar and I have been sharing our EFT experience on there. Many guys who started out skeptical have tried EFT and have found that it delivers amazing, miraculous results.

Also, I wanted to add this: There are a significant number of guys out there who have read every dating/relationship book and attended seminars, bootcamps, etc., and are still not getting results. I know from talking to instructors that there are some guys who have taken a bootcamp from every single major company and still have not improved. It is my firm belief that those guys, especially, can benefit HUGELY from the deeper vibe purification work that I’ve been talking about in the last few posts. Until they change the deeper energy patterns that are sabotaging them, sadly, all the superficial lifestyle changes they are making are likely to be futile.

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