ooooh, can you feel it? ;)

Major tectonic shifting going on right now … something really big is about to happen. I can feel it.

Feeling my hips looser, more fluid in the joints, after a month of emotional intensity, fireworks-style intimacy, and great sex :)

I also had a really, really fun time this past weekend hanging out with AFC Adam Lyons, his wife Amanda, and Luke Krogh. Kudos to them on their very professionally run bootcamp. I must also compliment Adam publicly (already did so privately) on his incredible speaking voice. Not only is his content excellent and highly entertaining, but he delivers it with the best speaking voice in the industry. Seriously, the guy can project his voice to the back of a large hotel room, as if he is talking right next to you, with no microphone. Nice :)

Plus, I love seeing Adam and Amanda together. They spend day in and day out together, teaching together, doing business together, and their love for each other is so obvious. Their relationship inspires me because I know what’s next for me is a relationship with the partner I’ll be teaching with for the rest of my life. Oooh, I get chills writing that :) Needless to say, I’m a fan :)

As for EA …

The infrastructure is being laid down right now for big things, but mainly what I’m feeling now … that something big is about to happen … isn’t based on anything “logical” … I know from experience that these quiet times are very, very important … and deceptive. To the unpracticed eye, it looks like nothing is happening. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is when big shifts like what I had over the past month get integrated. After integration … that’s when we see quantum leaps.

You heard it here first :)

And, btw, have I mentioned? … PUAs love me :)

Recovering PUAs love me, too.


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  1. David Black says:

    It's all in the English accent. NO other skills required :-)

  2. Magic Goddess Medicine Woman says:

    I love you too!

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