My fees: why they are not negotiable, and why this is good for both of us :)

In my continuing quest to talk about “taboo” topics on this blog, let’s talk this morning in a very straight up way about MONEY.

Here’s the thing. Over the past couple of weeks, a bunch of people have expressed interest in working with me personally using the Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) system that I recently unveiled.

At the moment, my HBR system is available in four forms:

1. Erika Awakening Website and articles on this blog and Spiritual Seduction (free)

2. Get Your Intro Session with Erika Awakening (a personal 90-minute session with me for new clients only, which comes with a FREE audio recording so you can tap along later) ($147)

3. Package of five 90-minute HBR sessions ($499 down + two additional payments of $499)

4. My 15-week Course in Miracles, which is a full-on mentorship program that not only includes 15 full sessions during which we will work on issues of your choice and unlimited email support, but also teaches my entire HBR method top to bottom so that you can use the system on yourself and your own friends or clients ($499 down + $6498 balance due before starting the course).

After people do the intro session (Get Your Intro Session with Erika Awakening), they usually can see right away just how powerful this method is and they want to do more sessions.

Often people sign up for more sessions right away.

(Smart move. :)

Sometimes people inquire whether it is possible for me to give them a lower rate or a smaller number of sessions.

The answer to that is NO. I have made a commitment to myself, AND TO YOU, not to negotiate on pricing or number of sessions.

Now, I understand that many people still do not yet live in a World of Infinite Abundance, where money really does “grow on trees,” and that for some people these prices may feel like a bit of a stretch.

I’m not trying to be mean when I hold very strong boundaries about my rates and the number of sessions.

My being a stickler about this is actually better FOR BOTH OF US.

Let me explain why.

One very important reason is YOUR RESULTS.

Five sessions is a bare minimum for really making a substantial amount of progress with a client (and it will be substantial progress if you are willing to commit fully to the process that I recommend to you).

When I allowed people to do a fewer number of sessions, I noticed that right around session three, they would come up against the Shadow Self, which would bring up a lot of intense emotions that are tough to face, and if they didn’t have the upfront commitment in place, it was too tempting to find excuses not to continue our work. Whereas, the people who DID CONTINUE despite the intense emotions were getting mega-results.

Another very important reason is OUR MUTUAL INVESTMENT.

In order for YOU to get the maximum benefit from HBR, you must make an investment in it. Making a significant investment is one of the KEYS to a program like HBR that ACTUALLY WORKS. It enhances motivation and commitment. Without a significant investment, again, it’s far too easy not to take the program as seriously as it needs to be taken to get the MAXIMUM RESULTS.

I invest deeply in each of my clients, learning their belief system thoroughly so that I can work within it. I can only make that level of investment with a relatively small group of people at any one time. Having the up front commitment from YOU for a full program is the only way for me to make sure you get the results that you deserve AND I keep myself excited about the work and ultra-motivated.

The bottom line is that my clients get WAY better results when they make the full commitment up front, and I have WAY more peace of mind. That’s why I do it this way, and this is how it evolved after seeing people try to do it piecemeal, which quite simply did not work for them or me.

Whereas, the price tags of my programs will seem inconsequential when you get HUGE RESULTS and you no longer have to worry about things like financial scarcity, fear of public speaking, fear of approaching women, and so forth.

Seriously, how much is it worth to you to have a method for solving virtually any problem that arises in your life? It’s PRICELESS. :)

A third absolutely vital reason is FINANCIAL VIABILITY.

As an attorney, my billing rate would be $500/hour or more. I have spent MORE money educating myself to do what we did last night than I did to go to Harvard Law School and become an attorney. No joke. I also spend a HUGE amount of time and money on the infrastructure needed to support my practice. Thus, my current rates are absolutely the bare minimum to keep things going.

And, last but not least, a fourth reason is EXPERTISE.

Some people mistakenly believe that my system is “just” EFT/tapping. It’s not. Think of EFT/tapping as the equivalent of a laser scalpel. Oh yes, it’s a very powerful tool. But it’s an entirely different tool in the hands of a five-year old than it is in the hands of a world-class neurosurgeon.

Who would you trust with a task as important as TRANSFORMING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?

With me, you are getting a world class practitioner who is going to save you months if not years of effort trying to learn how to use EFT/tapping effectively on your own. I already invested the tens of thousands of dollars in training so that you won’t have to.

And yes, I really AM that good. ;) My method works faster than ANYTHING I have ever seen — because of how much time and money I have invested in it. My time doing this work is worth far more to people than an hour of my attorney time (in terms of solving their problems), yet I charge far less. So I need to stay firm on the rates. If anything, I will need to start charging MORE, not less. (Which means, if you want to lock in these rates, please sign up on Erika Awakening Coaching page.)

So that’s why I’m a stickler about the rates and program length. It benefits BOTH OF US.


p.s. Now, all that said, I am going to do this one thing: I am offering a very limited time $1000 discount on the extended 15-week program, to $5997. Considering that you will be learning my entire method, which will not only allow you to solve virtually any problem that arises in your own life but also to apply the system with your own clients, this is a BARGAIN.

And if you also do a 5-session package along with it, I’ll give you a $500 discount on that as well.

But hurry and email me RIGHT NOW at These offers expire at my discretion and will not last for long. I don’t want you to miss out!

Imagine having a problem-free life AND a new source of income when you can use my system with others to solve their problems as well :)

Email me NOW at to take advantage of these VERY limited-time offers.

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. For those of you who were concerned about guaranteeing results, I think I found a way to meet both your need for a guarantee and my need to make sure people make a full commitment.

    The result is my satisfaction guarantee and refund policy at

    Also, by popular demand, I added a few different variations on coaching because some people said

  2. In case you are curious what is possible …

    During my highest week so far, I had $18,000 in confirmed sales. That was coaching alone. I have two other substantial sources of income (one of which I have nearly doubled using HBR).

    Now I don't yet do $18,000 in coaching sales week in and week out, but I fully intend to be doing exactly that in the very near future.

  3. Anonymous,

    Do you know how much it cost me to go to Harvard Law School, not only in time but in money? I don't have the exact figure but I think the price tag for that now is over $100,000.

    I borrowed massive amounts of money to go to law school, and then I had to pay all that off.

    The knowledge that I teach in this 15-week program makes those three years of

  4. The tough love "turnaround" — another awesome new tool.

    Thanks, MGMW, I feel a shift in the Universe ;)

  5. Magic Goddess Medicine Woman says:

    beggars are kings in disguise

    begging is not shameful and asking is godly

    i give to beggars and i beg to me

    i beg God and i beg myself

    and to me abundance is always free

    i dont believe in commitment

    you are not free because you charge money for what you are

    when money is a waterfall on your doorstep

  6. Dear MGMW,

    I hope you are ready for some tough love here. If you're not, please stop reading now.

    Yes, I can see that my tone might feel belittling to some in my response to Anonymous. Anonymous' tone felt belittling to me, and I very intentionally mirrored that tone back to him/her. Mirroring is a very effective form of counter-empathy, for all of us, to

  7. Magic Goddess Medicine Woman says:

    Hmm I feel confused:


    If you teach this stuff then you better walk the walk. If everything is so abundant, then you should have enough money to do this for free, right? If not, then you're being hypocrtical

    March 12, 2010 2:11 PM

    Erika said…
    Lol, Anonymous, riiiiiight.

    How's that working for you, doing everything

  8. @Anonymous 9:57 am,

    This is in response to your "sounds too easy" comment …

    "Easy" is not the word I would use to describe the program.

    Effective, yes. And, at the end of the day, after you've learned the whole system, relatively simple, yes.

    But easy, no.

    Your entire way of looking at the world will need to shift.

  9. Rodrigo,

    It's probably NOT very funny to the guys who have spent $3000 or more on a one weekend (group) bootcamp, often repeatedly, only to see no real results.

    I know of guys who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on community coaching and are still stuck. Is that funny to you?

    If you want your problems solved, you pony up and hire the person who can

  10. HAHAHAHAHAH that's pretty funny. specially the $6,000 part

  11. Anonymous (the one whose comment I did not publish)

    You see to be operating under the common limiting belief, which is quite common, that being spiritual and being financially prosperous don't go together.

    Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer are examples of why that is a load of crap, as both of them contribute hugely to the world and also are quite wealthy.

    If you

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    I appreciate your question, and to give you a more helpful answer, I have a question for you: what issues are you working on, and what results would you like to achieve?

    Because I am not exaggerating when I say that my system can be applied to solve virtually ANY problem. Some issues are more complex and take more time, but virtually anything can be solved

  13. Anonymous says:


    I can maybe believe how your system is good. But it just sound too easy. I can't invest in something that is not guaranteed.

    What kind of results can I expect? What if I don't get what I want?

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