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  1. 7:20 – Thanks. You addressed some concerns I hadn't even properly voiced yet. Do you blog? I could spend some time reading about your own experiences.

    Heartbeat – I just made the trip to project meditation and got their free sample. Will try it this evening.


  2. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous at 7,20pm – your Target remark feels unnecessary to me – we are on the same path.


  3. Anonymous says:

    There is extreme benefit to old style seated meditation. If you focus on your breath for 15 minutes a day, you will notice a change over time. It never seems to work at first, because you are becoming aware of how chaotic our minds are naturally. This is a good thing, and not something to be discouraged by.

    In fact you will always have thoughts. Just note them, and bring yourself

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    BenPaul – ah yes I've come across magnustapping as well. He used the longer sequence incorporating the fingertips (from Gary Craig). I personally like Robert Smith's method because it prevents me from getting in my head – the spoken words are fewer so I'm not conscious of words, I'm focused on my body sensation.

    Regarding Hemisync, I have a portable cd player opposite

  5. Your last post about efficiency & clarity is exactly what I expect and hope to get out of the proper meditation practice. My practice with the audio program I have (the same one found here is still new, so the benefits may build to a more noticeable level over time.

    For Erika, and for Heartbeat as

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    Hemi-synch from the Monroe Institute is also excellent. Yes you just switch on, lie back and it 'does the work for you'! Project Meditation does a variation and has a free 15min download which I saved to cd and play on loop – it's fabulous.

    I've been using the short tapping sequence suggested by Robert Smith on YouTube. He uses NLP with it too. I'm finding this

  7. One thing I've noticed is how much more efficient my mind is now. Projects at work take much less time now, and get finished with much less mental strain and effort.

    It's kinda like rebooting your computer every night. The clutter (such as mental chatter) gets cleared out so that the entire system functions more effectively.

  8. p.s. as for your "overactive" mind, the great thing about Holosync is that it does the work for you. no more wasting time "trying" to meditate. your overactive mind doesn't stand a chance ;-)

    Also, I listen to Holosync at night while I sleep. There is no better use of time than that!

  9. hi BenPaul,

    Thanks for your comment, it's always nice to hear from you.

    Yes, I still use Holosync. I started with the intro a few days before Burning Man in August 2007. I'm now on level 12. I recommend it very highly. I never tried the other brands of biaural sound technology because I liked this one.

    The most powerful combination of all, in my

  10. Erika, do you still use the HoloSync CDs? Did you ever try anything else (i.e., Hypnotica's Sphinx of Imagination audio) for a "meditation assist"? Reason I ask is because I've tried a couple of Buddhist mantras, an audio CD program, and simple Christian scripture reading off and on over the years, and gotten nothing that really "works" to truly clear my overactive

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    Wow, you put a picture

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