One of my readers, we’ll call him Fraser, sent me this question:

hey, I remember you often talk in your blog posts about people who have “cleared the static out of their vibe”. what exactly do you mean by this, and what other methods are there to achieve this, aside from meditation and EFT?

speaking of meditation, I often find that I often cant empty my mind, and carry on thinking for the half hour or however long I set aside. Do you have any tips for this?

I have so much to write lately that I’m going to post some of the articles here on Spiritual Seduction, while also continuing to post on the Awakening blog.

Fraser, thanks for the question. “Clearing the static out of our vibe” means a lot of things. In a nutshell, it means cleaning up our belief systems so that we are seeing the beauty in everyone and in ourselves.

It means going within, finding any and all old traumatic memories that caused us to form “defensive” beliefs, and clearing them out.

It’s the difference between thinking that everyone in the world is out to “get” something from us, to realizing that everyone in the world wants to contribute to our well-being.

Easier said than done. I’ll be talking about many methods that can be used in my upcoming e-book, and have a much more detailed discussion.

For now, I want to address the challenges of meditation. When I first started meditating, it was just “ah” and “om.” Then I got an Ayurvedic mantra (Primal Sound meditation).

Those were great, but what really revolutionized my meditation starting just over two years ago was Holosync. This is very advanced biaural sound technology that creates a deep meditative state within a few minutes of putting on your headphones. The best part is you can now meditate while sleeping or resting without focusing on meditating.

Holosync works great in tandem with Emotional Freedom Technique. The meditation brings vibe static to the surface, and then EFT or tapping helps to clear it away. Over time, all sorts of unwanted unconscious debris is cleared out.

Full disclosure: If you buy Holosync’s intro program through me by clicking on the links above, they will pay me $30. (This is transparency in action, folks, my new marketing strategy :-) You will be supporting this blog by purchasing the Holosync intro. I recommend very few products, and I was recommending this one to people with no compensation for two years before I became one of their affiliates.

I believe in this product because the marketing hype actually turned out to be true. (I’m on Level 12 now, which is as high as it goes, and it has absolutely given me an inner strength that I could not conceive of before.) Plus, it’s just so much easier than trying to clear one’s mind of thoughts. That’s so … last century ;-)

Go here to learn more about Holosync

If you have other questions about it, feel free to let me know in the comments section here.