I couldn’t resist …

I really want to hear the guys’ feedback on Rori’s latest blog entry, entitled YOU can date other men, but he CAN’T date other women, so here it is. I won’t give away my views before I’ve had a chance to hear yours.

Meanwhile, if you’re a guy and would like to hear out of the blue from every significant woman from your past (many of whom will suddenly want to see you again, have sex with you again, and get back together with you), I highly recommend you get involved with me. Apparently, this is one of my new talents ;-)

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  1. Poetry of Flesh says:

    I added her blog as you suggested, so I did catch her post earlier today.

    It wasn't entirely for me.

    Complete communication: win.
    Putting off sex: lose.
    Keeping sex exclusive: lose.
    Making the man come to you like some dominating figure from old, sweeping you off your feet because you are nearly passive-aggressively forcing him to make the first active

  2. Michael says:

    One would hope that exposure to more choices in men would also increase the chances of a worthwhile marriage experience.

    I’d recommend this strategy to the conventional women close to me. I feel personally bored by it though.

    p.s. Re: hearing from people out of the blue … ever tried tonglen?

  3. Benedict Smith says:

    interesting spin job on having your cake and eating it too. flying in the face of biology and evolution, i'll give it the thumbs down. reminds me of the news stories you hear about some poor schmuck who loses it in the divorce and the woman spends his money on some guy who was previously working at Taco Bell and nailing her the whole time leading up to and through the divorce. A woman might

  4. GoneSavage says:

    I left this comment on Rori's origininal thread. This was at like5am, it is now nearly 2pm and it was never approved even though more comments have shown up. Interesting…

    First time on the site, as I was directed here by a female reader.

    I think this is a great post. In a way, you saying this: “Guys, if you’ve found the one that you want to create a spiritual

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rori's system makes sense, and I can see where many women would be served by holding that level of power in their relationships (and their men could be served too). It would take a great deal of intention and a willingness to say no to partners you otherwise desire. But being a yes to partners who accept your structures means living the life you've intentionally created. That's

  6. Anonymous says:

    If I ever do become Polyamorous, apparently it won't be w/ Rori :)

    Signed Anonymous,

    (but you can call me Brett.)

  7. Kohinoor says:

    It's a beautiful thing when someone knows what she really wants, and doesn't hide it behind games or masks.
    I agree with Rori. If the purpose is to get married and have a good one, good communication is a must! Maybe hanging with happily married people should help to be more decisive.

  8. Michael says:

    Seems to make sense, especially for a certain set of women. Some might find it controversial, but it doesn’t bother me. Seems especially useful for those women who haven’t been married yet.

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