This just popped into my head.

A guy in my life (we used to date and have known each other for several years now) took me out to dinner one night a few months ago, and this is what he said:

“Erika, when I hear your ideas, sometimes I think you are half crazy. But when I see your heart, and how your ideas lead you to be in the world, and how much you care about people, it makes me want to be with you.”

That was effective, guys. He made me laugh and melted my heart at the same time. :-) The compliments that feel best as a woman are light-hearted (the humor side) and also show that the guy has been sincerely listening to you, that he really “gets” you.


Today I have been alternating laughing and crying all the damn day. Lots of energy moving perhaps. It feels like living in the Twilight Zone these past few weeks.


Btw, sexiest guy ever? Tommy Crowne from the Thomas Crowne Affair. Remember how he teases her, but not too much. Tease, then reassure. Tease, then reassure.

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