Last night as I lay in bed, for the first time in my life, I could really FEEL the power of the Goddess energy within me … it poured up warm out of my center and flowed through my whole body. I felt open, very sexual, very alive, and very receptive to LOVE. Above all else, I felt VERY powerful.

There were many products and coaches along the way who promised me this but none delivered. I went in with high hopes and came out feeling cramped and no more empowered than I was before. (There were also many who contributed valuable tools to me that became part of my system, and I thank them for their gifts to me. I also am grateful for the dead ends that showed me where NOT to go to find what I wanted. All things work together for good.)

Through a combination of my recent advanced tapping products (see the entire series here) – and especially the 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge, the 30-Day Personal Power Challenge, and the 30-Day Soulmate Challenge — I have finally created for myself what I was looking for all along … TRUE EMPOWERMENT.

And the horse? That is the symbol of the fact that I don’t have to do it all by myself. In these video products, I have invoked the Power of angels, gods, goddesses, Ascended Masters, and the Universe itself to help me (these are all just energies contained within us) … which is why what I ask for tends to show up on my doorstep, with very little effort on my part at all …

There’s a quotation from A Course in Miracles that I love that describes very beautifully this way of living:

“When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer. Only your own volition seems to make deciding hard. The Holy Spirit will not delay in answering your every question what to do. He knows. And He will tell you, and then do it for you. You who are tired will find this is more restful than sleep.”

– A Course in Miracles

This is not a Goddess trying to gain power by sticking out her cleavage or talking in ridiculous stilted powerless ways. This is a Goddess who takes full responsibility for her life and lives in her power center. This is a Goddess who asks for what she wants directly and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

This is a Goddess who knows she is loved by God and is meant to have everything she ever wanted and more. A Goddess who won’t put up with any of your bullshit. A Goddess who knows how to invite miracles to solve every little problem or inconvenience.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, a Goddess would NEVER agree to sexual or any other form of exclusivity, recognizing all forms of exclusivity as expressions of scarcity beliefs and imprisonment that undermine her Power with God (which is synonymous with ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM).

This was the Holy Grail, and I have it in my hands, quite literally.

Thank you, God, for blessing me so profusely that I may bless my brothers and sisters with Your Gifts.

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