Taking full responsibility feels Wonderful

Today I had a session with a client who was doing what a lot of women do … making herself unhappy “trying to make a relationship work” when the real issue has nothing to do with him. It’s her own fears that are running the show. Much to her credit, she is open to hearing this. And if she stays committed to clearing her own fears instead of focusing on him, miracles will happen.

For the most part, this is my “relationship advice” to everyone these days. Forget about dating. It’s mostly a waste of time after you have reached a certain point in your conscious awareness. Work on your own shit. When you are healed enough, your partner will show up. It’s inevitable, when your energy is clear enough. And it will be the right person, instead of a long string of the wrong people.

It’s ALL inner game. Whether it’s money, love, sex, doesn’t matter. The only thing that will change your situation fundamentally is changing your beliefs. And when you succeed in changing your beliefs, the abundance will just show up … on your doorstep. With very little effort on your part.

All this inspired me to share how proud I was of myself with how I handled a situation in one of my relationships about a week ago. Communication issues had cropped up, there was a lot of misunderstanding and tension … and unlike in the past, where I tended to blame myself or the other person and continue making things worse, I could see immediately it was just some kind of ego interference.

I actually put the conversation on “pause” by telling him, in essence, “I take full responsibility for these issues in our communication. It’s not what we are saying to each other, it’s my own beliefs that are getting in the way of us understanding each other. So I’m going to go clear my own energy, and if I’m successful, that will open things up again. No point in either one of us stressing about it in the meantime.”

And I did go clear a bunch of beliefs, anger, grief, guilt …

Yesterday, we had a lovely conversation on Valentine’s Day, and the energy felt very different … very FREE …

Huge step forward in my inner game and the happiness and health of my relationships. I am so grateful for Holistic Belief Reprogramming. :)

Imagine a world where all of us were doing this all the time – it would be and will be PARADISE.

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