Girly feelings …

This morning I finally got my new iPhone 3Gs, and it is so beautiful and so fast. I love it. Almost $500. Didn’t pay a penny. Thank you, Mysterious Benefactor Guy :)

Then I did a powerful EFT session with someone, and we released a lot of negative energies, including generations’ worth of ancestral karma. We invited in a generous helping of self-love and self-acceptance.

Now, it’s cold and rainy outside, and I’m cozied up in my silky down comforter, propped up on pillows. Everything has softened so much in my life. I feel soft and loving of the whole world and everyone in it. I feel like I don’t remember what anger feels like, in this moment. I’m relaxed. I feel forgiving. I feel receptive and open and adorable.

I would so love for a really powerful masculine energy man to come to me right now and make love to me for the rest of the day and into tomorrow :) I just want to lay in bed and be adored.

So yes, I’m in a very sensual mood. I need a passport photo and I don’t like those horrible passport photos at the regular shops. One thing I’d like is having a photo shoot on location with one of those sensual boudoir photographers. I found this website (no, not affiliated with them in any way, just find her work beautiful). If any girlies out there would be interested in her January Vegas sitting and want to do this as a feminine sensual energy experience, please email me.

Gayla and I are planning to do another What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming?, possibly on sexual issues, releasing unhelpful cultural conditioning and so forth, later today. And supposedly I’m going out with *someone* this evening. Stay tuned … :)

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