Tandem Sarging and New EFT Audio re Polyamory Etc.

Hey everyone,

I’m about to jump in the shower because Johnny and I are going tandem sarging. Lol :-p … It really is amazing how my sense of humor came back …

Before I go, here is another audio from Gayla and me.

As with the other audios, you can tap along to borrow benefits. Learn to tap by checking out my free video and other resources on What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming?.

Topics covered in this audio include:

1. Releasing sexual shame and cultural baggage (such as Adam and Eve stories) – do I really need to keep suffering over and over again for eating the apple? Fuck no.

2. Releasing inner conflicts about polyamory … and sharing our feelings about harmonious polyamorous relationships.

3. Releasing inner conflicts about patriarchy, feminism, and what exactly the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies look like anyway. This is a continuation of our tapping about gender role confusion in an earlier audio.

Hope you enjoy it :)

EFT Audio re Sexual Shame/Guilt, Polyamory, Masculine/Feminine Energies

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Oh crap, we forgot to tap on that Mary was supposedly a virgin. Give me a break … I’m putting that one down for the next EFT session.

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  1. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    Good reminder… I was trying to empathize with Daria..

  2. Lol, comments all over the map.

    Again, when I put questions out there on the blog, I'm not looking for advice (and most of the people out there in the world are not either).

    It's a bit like what I said on the audio. With EFT, it work best when are are not trying to undertand or "solve" problems. All of that "solving," analyzing, "

  3. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    Hi Erika,

    WOW! This one has me feeling the waves today for sure!

    We can do a session on the Virgin Birth question. The mystery of the feminine is not always easy to "understand"… The mystery of virginity and what is meant by purity is taken out of context with the kinds of initiations that would prepare the way for a woman to conceive a child of light.

  4. Knowing what we now know about conception the term virgin birth is an oxymoron! And people can choose what ever they want to believe!

  5. Based on what we now know about conception the term virgin birth is an oxymoron! And people can choose to believe what ever they want!

  6. Loving this podcast. Intellectually stimulating. Thank you.

  7. I feel totally open that Mary WAS a Virgin.

    I feel it's unfair to Mary to say she was not if she said she was.

    So either way, I feel ok with her Not being a Virgin Or a Virgin, although I think she Was a virgin.

    I don't think there would have been anything Wrong with her not being a virgin either. I persoanly in this instance think that its a

  8. Religion isnt real

  9. Hi Erika! I loved this one. I found that if I'm an invitation, men will feel free to come agress me, rape me or kill me! They will come at me with lewd sleazy eyes and bad intentions.

    oh no!

    its a cultural programming.

    I did do a round on it.

  10. Erika you shouldnt make judgements on religion like saying stuff is right or wrong or its crap its highly offensive

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