Get Out Rut: Falling into the same old habits and patterns? The Crazy Woman’s Guide to Travel Transformation

in a rutGet Out Rut:  So you’re going along in life and everything is “great.”  Well, at least on the surface.  Maybe you’re even achieving some long held goals, like owning your own successful business or getting out of debt. And then one day you wake up, and realize that you’ve had the same exact cup of coffee every single morning for two years running. Or you notice that you haven’t made any new friends in a year.

Perhaps you discover that you have resistance to doing anything new or out of the ordinary. Maybe you even find that you are scared of adventures like scuba diving that were always a little scary but still very doable. Or you notice that you no longer connect with “strangers” and that you just want to be “left alone” most of the time.

You’re in a rut.  Get out rut.

And it’s a kind of death. Sure, it feels comfortable and familiar and easy. Maybe it even feels cushy. It does not feel very alive though, and it does not challenge us to stretch and grow.

Maybe when our cat (or our child or our ailing parent, as the case may be) got sick, and we felt that we had to give 24/7 attention to him or her, the “prison walls” got a little bit thicker. Now even overnight trips away are difficult. Now we can justify our rut by our “commitments and responsibilities.”

Get Out Rut Now by Breaking that Routine

These are days of reckoning. First, we talked about looking honestly at the ways in which we are not walking our talk. Second, we noticed the ways we are shutting down and disconnecting. Third, we opened our eyes to the fact that we’ve been acting like an a**hole. Not to mention a crazy bitch.

And now … well … if we are going to be honest, we are also IN A RUT. A big deep stagnant rut. Doing the same stuff day in and day out.

Oh, and it gets more entertaining. Because yes we’ve also been called a crazy bitch lol. For four years, we have been pissed off that our ex Mark Manson is off seeing the world because he was supposed to come here and stay here. And now we realize that we have been living vicariously, and that we too want to get the hell out of Dodge and do some traveling.

Get Out Rut.  Well, what better way to get out of a rut than to strip oneself of the entire daily routine through transformational travel?

And yes, notwithstanding what I said above, we are going to need money to make this happen:

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So yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to Costa Rica. We are going to get out of the rut entirely, research some potential retreat locations, explore new yoga and healing teachings, and provide the on-the-road Crazy Bitch’s Guide to Transformational Travel. If you can’t beat them, join them.

For those who’ve been following my blog for a while, you know this is not just a hypothetical example that I’ve just described above. And really the shift of mind and heart runs even deeper. I find myself in the shower at a random moment suddenly agreeing with something an enemy of mine said six months ago or a year ago. I just wasn’t seeing his perspective before.

Gasp, is this me or did some alien take over my body lol – since when are we empathizing with that “a**hole” lol?

This really should not come as a surprise to anyone, least of all me. Anyone who understands the Shadow Self … understands this: you could bet a lot of money that anyone you are hating or avoiding is someone you secretly wish to be more like. Yes, you got that right. If you are hating them, avoiding them, “indifferent” to them, etc. … secretly, you want to be like them. They represent the part of your Shadow Self that you are denying … hahaha, joke is on us.

And my enemies are not the only ones I am empathizing with these days. In astonishing moments of clarity, my mind is going back through the catalog of heated conversations that I’ve had with a number of people over the past few years, and saying “wow, you know they really had a point – I can see it now.” Fortunately, it’s not too little too late. I have already reconciled several of these relationships in the past couple of weeks and months. Once the moment of clarity comes, the reconciliation is usually easy.

Get Out Rut – Stepping Off the Money Hamster Wheel

We are also going to step off the money hamster wheel for a while. As I noted in the Days of Reckoning article here, I can see how my fears around money and respect and “making it” as an entrepreneur were leading me to be an asshole in certain situations (click here for my “Even though I’m an a**hole” video) …

transformational travelWell, my “a**hole justifications” are wearing thin. Through the overwhelming abundance I’ve received the past several years, my house and my car are both fully paid. Fritz the Cat’s medical bills are also paid. I’m completely out of debt. I don’t have a day job and my business is portable anywhere in the world. I don’t have retirement savings to speak of, but I don’t believe in retirement anymore. And I do have enough money in the bank to live for a while if necessary. Then, miracle of miracles, my amazing friend agreed to take care of my cats at my home to give me the chance to take an extended trip overseas.

So then the question is, “well, Erika, how much longer are you going to be an a**hole? when is there going to be enough money in the bank so that you don’t need to be an asshole anymore?” LOL. And the answer is, I’m not waiting any longer. It’s time to take the leap of faith NOW.

The ego of course loves to tell me that the only reason I am now out of debt and in this position is BECAUSE I was an a**hole. I had to draw very clear boundaries with lots of people to make that happen.

Well … maybe … in that time and that place and that context … maybe that was how I needed to do it. Do I want to keep living like that forever? Do I want to assume the future has to be like the past?

No, I don’t. So we are taking the leap of faith. We are leaving behind a**hole-dom and America (lol), and we are going to see what happens when we get out of this rut. Get out rut.

Many times in my life, I have used travel for transformation. To face my fears, lose weight, get out of a rut. And now that I have all these transformational tools, this voyage can be all the more powerful.

“I seek a future unlike the past.” “I place the future in the hands of God.”


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