Find Lost Cat or Dog with the Power of EFT Tapping Telepathic Animal Communication

find lost cat

I would be devastated with grief if I lost my cat Harvey

Find lost cat, find lost dog – can I find my pet with telepathic animal communication? If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you can probably relate to how devastating it can be … Grieving lost pet can be one of the most difficult experiences of our lives.

Grieving the loss of a pet can be as devastating as losing a family member or a dear friend.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: what if you never had to lose anyone or anything ever again? How do I find my pet?

Does this sound impossible to find your lost cat or find your lost dog?

EFT Tapping Script for Finding Your Lost Cat, Dog, or Pet: The Power of Telepathic Animal Communication

Today I’m going to do something that I almost never do on this blog: I’m going to share one of my ultra-powerful EFT tapping scripts. We just had a miracle in my family, and I want to share with you an example of just how powerful What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? can be …

As you know from my recent articles, I spent last week in Tahoe. My brother is currently unemployed. He needed money, and I needed help with the house, so I figured it would be a great win/win deal for me to pay him to help me repaint the interior of the house.

My brother agreed, and he drove down with my dad from Oregon, where he lives. As always, he brought his two beloved cats. He loves them so much that he doesn’t really like to travel without them.

We were actually having a pretty great week. I keep my cats indoors. But my brother was letting his kitties go outside. This seemed to be fine until late in the week when my brother let his cat go outside close to midnight.

The next day, my brother’s cat had not returned. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but please understand that Tahoe is not like most neighborhoods. Nobody lets their pets out unattended in the winter. There’s eight feet of snow on the ground, not much to hunt, snow plows coming by regularly, and coyotes prowling at night. We also have bears in the neighborhood. The weather conditions are extreme, with temperatures well below freezing and storms that can arrive without any notice. This is not a good place to lose your pet.

How Am I Going to Find My Pet? Don’t Give Up – Find Lost Pets with EFT Tapping

I could tell that my brother was starting to worry, even that first day. Overnight temperatures had dropped way below freezing, and it was not usual for his cat to disappear for such a long time in a strange place. By nightfall, I was starting to worry also. How are we going to find lost cat?

Things got worse that second night, when we had an unexpected storm that dropped eight inches of snow overnight, and in the morning there was still no sign of my brother’s lost cat. No little kitty paw tracks outside the doors. Due to the depth of the snow, it would be difficult for a little guy like my brother’s lost cat to move around much. We worried that our lost cat could be trapped in someone’s garage or hunkered down far away with no chance of getting back.

After we went out looking for my brother’s lost cat, we saw what looked like coyote tracks all over the greenbelt behind my house. Things were looking bleak. We were losing hope about finding our lost pet. How are we going to find lost cat now?

find lost pet

I almost lost Fritz the Cat to kidney failure and EFT tapping saved the day that time too :)

The truth is, I started to get really stressed about it. I was absolutely horrified at the idea that my brother would lose his beloved kitty when he was trying to help me out with my house. A lot of grief was coming to the surface for me, not unlike any situation where we face the loss of a loved one.

Clear Grief with EFT Tapping

I reached out to two of my healer friends, who both provided wonderful support and release for me. But still my brother’s lost cat had not returned.

It was time for me to drive back to San Francisco, and I left my brother in Tahoe with my prayers.

On the drive back home, and after my return, I continued to tap for my brother’s lost cat, releasing layer upon layer of grief.

A third night passed. Still no word from my brother, still no sign of his lost pet.

The grief I was experiencing reached a crescendo this morning, so I tapped intensely after I woke up, and I cried and cried. I knew a miracle was possible, because I’ve had so many of them, but I was so scared we would run out of time before my brother had to go home to Oregon, and that it would be too late to find his lost cat.

And then I remembered these words from A Course in Miracles, including one quotation that opened straight up when I returned home last night:

“There is no false appearance but will fade, if you request a miracle instead.”

I was so scared that my brother’s lost cat was already dead. I reminded myself that death is not real.

EFT Tapping Script for Find Lost Cat or Find Lost Dog

This is an EFT tapping script for finding lost pet. You can adapt the script to cover your fears and adapt it to the details of finding your lost pet. This can work equally well for finding your lost dog.

And this is how I tapped (as I cried and released tons of grief from my system):

I don’t want to feel this grief.
It feels really big and overwhelming, and I’d rather avoid it.
It’s going to feel awful to feel this grief.
I choose to delve into this grief anyway.
I choose to release this grief anyway.
I’m so scared something bad has happened to my brother’s lost cat, what if we never find this lost cat?
I’m scared he’s lost, or injured, or dead.
I’m scared a coyote got him.
I’m scared he froze to death.
I’m scared he’s suffering, and that it’s better if he’s dead.
I’m scared he’s in pain.
I’m scared he’s trapped in someone’s garage.
I’m scared he got run over by a car.
I’m scared he drowned.
I’m scared he fell into a hole or got too weak and hungry to find his way home.
I’m scared that even if he’s alive we won’t find him soon enough.
I have these limiting beliefs
that the longer he’s gone the more likely it is he’s not coming back.
That it’s already too late.
That the snow makes it harder for him to find his way home.
That there’s not enough food out there for him to eat.
That a cat could never survive a Tahoe winter.
I feel guilty because my brother came here to help me.
I feel responsible. It’s all my fault.
I feel guilty because the money I’m paying my brother to help me isn’t worth losing a beloved pet.
I regret every decision in the chain of decisions that led to this.
I feel guilty because my cat hissed at his cat and drove him away.
I wish we could do it all over again.
My brother shouldn’t have let him run outside.
I should have told my brother not to let him outside.
My brother should have put a collar on him with an ID tag.
We should have searched harder for him the first day he was gone.
I feel so sad because his cats are like his children.
I can’t even imagine how painful it must be to lose a child if losing a pet is this painful.
His other cat won’t have a playmate anymore.
Every time my brother sees his other cat he’ll be sad about his lost cat.
I feel devastated this happened at my home.
Part of me thinks I’ll always feel sad here because this happened.
It reminds me of losing my kitten when I was a little girl.
It reminds me of every person and animal I’ve lost in my life through death, loss, or breakup.
I can’t bear to see my brother go home with money in his pocket but having lost my brother’s cat. Thinking of this possibility is unbearably painful.
Life is so unfair.
This not knowing and being torn between hope and despair feels like torture.
I feel exhausted and ripped open and raw.
Part of me wants us to find him, even if he’s dead, so that I don’t have this strain of hope and despair.
But I want him to be alive, because him being dead is not okay. So we have to find him alive.
Even though I feel so much pressure to create a miracle,
but I’m worried there’s not enough time.
There’s so much grief and fear here, and I don’t have much time to clear it,
so we can have a miracle.
It’s too big a job for just me.
Sometimes it has taken months for me to manifest a miracle, and right now we don’t have that much time. We only have one more day.
Please God help us have a miracle.
Even though part of me wants to hope for a miracle, but it’s torture to hope for a miracle, and part of me thinks it’s easier just to accept that he’s gone.
They taught us that life is dangerous.
The wilderness is dangerous.
The world is a dangerous and treacherous place.
It’s a kill or be killed world.
I don’t know how a little cat could survive out there.
It snowed eight inches. There’s nothing for him to eat.
Even though I have a deep inner conflict.
Part of me thinks cats should stay indoors.
The world is dangerous, they have to stay inside.
But another part of me thinks freedom is good,
My brother wants his cats to have freedom.
I don’t know how to resolve this inner conflict.
I’m so scared the only way to keep safe the people and animals I love
is to confine them.
And I’m horrified to realize I have this unconscious limiting belief.
People taught me I have to accept the unacceptable.
It’s not safe to love because the people or animals I love could be taken from me at any time.
It’s not safe to love because it always leads to pain.
I’ve been taught that I have to accept death, pain, loss, and breakups.
If I want anyone to stay safe or stay with me, I have to confine them.
But I refuse to accept those things. It’s not okay for people or animals to suffer.
It’s not okay that imprisonment is the only answer.
I feel angry that people tell me I just have to accept these things.
I refuse to accept these things. I choose to live in a world where I never again experience loss of any kind.
Where nobody ever has to experience loss of any kind.
I’m scared that I’m punishing myself for letting my brother help me.
I’m scared my brother is punishing himself for letting me help him.
I’m scared that anything that is really good will inevitably turn into a tragedy.
It doesn’t make sense to me that this is happening.
Lately my life is a whole series of miracles.
This is out of alignment, this feels awful.
I feel helpless. I feel powerful.
How could God let this happen?
This is a mistake.
I choose to remember that when there has been a mistake, I can change my mind.
My mind can correct this mistake.
My mind can bring [my brother’s cat] home.
I refuse to believe that God could let my brother and [my brother’s cat] be separated.
I choose to remember how powerful I really am.
Part of me thinks it was just [my brother’s cat]’s time to die.
But that sounds ridiculous.
I don’t believe in death.
How can it ever be anyone’s time to die when I don’t believe in death.
They taught me that death is inevitable.
But I refuse to accept it.
God’s Son cannot be killed.
I choose a miracle instead.
Even though I don’t think I can turn the emotional energy of this situation around fast enough.
The grief here is overwhelming.
The sadness here is overwhelming.
The limiting beliefs here are overwhelming.
By tomorrow it’ll be too late.
Even if he’s still alive, my brother will have to leave him,
And I don’t know how he’ll survive the winter.
I don’t know how we’ll ever find him again.
What if I could choose a miracle instead?
I choose for [my brother’s cat] to come home.
I choose for my brother to go home with both his cats.
I choose to remember that there is no death,
and that my brother’s cat is a smart and resourceful kitty who can find his way home.
I choose to correct my mind’s mistake and see a miracle instead.

A few minutes after I finished this EFT tapping script, after his cat had been lost for three days, in the middle of Tahoe wilderness in a snowstorm, I got this text message from my brother:

“I found him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


So you see, we found lost pet. We found lost cat. And you can too. Don’t give up hope. Pray for a miracle with EFT tapping.

Find Lost Cat with Telepathic Animal Communication

How did my brother find his cat? I believe that the EFT tapping created telepathic animal communication between my brother and his cat. I say this because I have seen EFT tapping establish telepathic communication many, many times. EFT tapping connects us to the Mind of God where all minds are connected. At least that’s what I believe, and I’ve seen a lot of evidence that it’s true. It happens very frequently when I tap about a conflict or issue with a particular person that the person contacts me during the EFT tapping or shortly thereafter.

So when you learn this advanced EFT tapping method, you can find your pet by establishing telepathic animal communication. You may receive better intuitions about where to look for your pet. Or your cat or dog may find their way home because they hear you calling. Find lost cat, find lost dog. We all deserve miracles, and it’s high time we received them :)

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