Feral Cat Rescue: How to Rescue and Tame A Feral Cat

feral cat rescue

Harvey the feral cat rescue kitten as a baby

My originally feral cat Harvey is from a feral cat shelter. The Pacific Siamese Rescue takes in non-feral cats like Fritz the Cat who we saved from feline renal failure. I really admire these cat rescue groups. They have a tough job and they do it with passion and skill. If it were not for these feral cat sanctuaries and feral cat organizations, I don’t know what would happen to a wonderful cat like Harvey. It can be tough out there on the streets for a feral cat who is not rescued!

Harvey the Cat is a beautiful almost lilac colored Siamese in coloring. At the beginning of his life with me, like most cats adopted from a feral cats rescue, Harvey was very very shy. For quite a few days when I first brought this feral kitten home, he wouldn’t even let me touch him. Fortunately, we also brought his friend (not biological brother but same age) Fritz the Cat home from the shelter, and Fritz had more confidence and helped Harvey feel a sense of home.

Feral Cat Rescue Is Successful with A Lot of Patience and Love

Taming feral cats requires quite a lot of patience and love. Harvey the Cat has always been ultra-sensitive and I even have to be careful with my tone of voice. He is so sensitive to disapproval. Yet to rescue feral cat is so worth it!

I’m happy to say that over time Harvey really became comfortable and happy here. He’s still a bit shy with strangers and takes a while to warm up to anyone new. He likes quiet and he is not crazy about going in the car and hates going to the vet.

But with me he actually is the most affectionate kitty I’ve ever had. So surprising for a feral cat rescue. Harvey the Cat was already very affectionate with me after a couple years here. And then we had a very scary experience around 2008 when he got sick and was receiving subcutaneous fluids. His liver enzymes were elevated and we never found a cause but it was scary. Almost as scary as my terrifying bout with feline kidney failure with Fritz the Cat.

Harvey the Cat was so lethargic. He was mostly just sleeping and so unlike his usual happy energetic self. I could not let my feral cat rescue die! I felt so sad and I decided I would do my best to love this feral cat back to health. So during this week of his sickness, I would lay in bed with him and just hold him and pet his belly. He didn’t move much, his body was limp, I just focused as much love as I could and healing intention. Finally, by about four or five days into this scary experience, he began to come back to life.

And since then, the affectionate nature went up even more. In the morning and evening, he comes into bed with me and lays on top of me and purrs while I pet him, and he pets me with his tail lol.

feral cat rescue

Feral Cat Rescue is successful – affectionate adorable Harvey all grown up!

Feral Cat Rescue Can Be Frustrating and You May Be Tempted to Give Up Hope

Rescuing a feral cat is not without its challenges. Taming feral cats means you are going to be careful with your tone of voice, careful to provide a safe and loving atmosphere where the feral cat can learn to be trusting and open. Some people have expressed to me that they thought their feral cat rescue was NEVER going to be affectionate with them.

And yet I can tell you from personal experience, that even the most shy feral cat like Harvey can turn into an adorable little cuddle muffin.

So even if your feral cat seems “hopeless,” don’t give up on him or her. Love can create miracles, and you just might end up with the best friend you ever had :)


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