The One Simple Solution to All Your Problems that “Experts” Will Never Tell You

Let Me Recognize My Problems Have Been Solved

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Stunning view from my “penthouse suite” in Nob Hill, San Francisco

It’s Thursday afternoon in sunny San Francisco, an absolutely perfect day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And I’m drinking a glass of milky-white hot sake. It looks a little like semen lol.

It’s true that I’ve mostly lost my desire for alcohol recently so why am I drinking hot sake on Thursday afternoon? Because I can. And I felt like it. And there’s nobody to tell me I can’t. :)

This is a day in the life of a location-independent entrepreneur with two homes who owns her life.

Earlier today I melted into a luxurious Thai massage, and then they threw in a free mini-facial. All month long, I’ve been receiving free groceries. Over $150 in free groceries delivered to my door by AmazonFresh (which I highly recommend by the way), for free.

It’s not always been this easy.
The last few days I went deep into the Shadow Self and bawled my eyes out on camera releasing the deepest imaginable grief from my soul. Yesterday it was cloudy here. But today the sun came out … and I’m counting my blessings:

1. My websites just got about three to five times faster than they were.

2. My net worth is creeping up toward $1 million for the first time in my life.

3. This week as I devoted myself entirely to recording videos and healing the Shadow Self and so was not focused on sales at all, nearly $5000 in rental income poured in. Enough to pay my next big credit card bill coming due. And I didn’t have to do anything except answer a few emails. God handled it for me. Financial freedom.

4. My days are my own. No boss to answer to … no deadlines except the ones I set myself. How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping.

5. Fritz the Cat had another non-bloody, non-delayed poop.

6. I caught myself yesterday almost falling into a dismal old relationship pattern … and stopped. Cold turkey.

7. Fritz the Cat made me laugh out loud for about five minutes a little while ago. His sense of humor is phenomenal.

8. I have rent control in San Francisco and this apartment is now worth about twice what I’m paying for it if not more. And my house value just keeps going up up up …

The list goes on and on and on …

And if I feel like drinking hot milky-white sake in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week … then I do. Because I can.

So blog posts around here are probably going to be getting shorter and shorter and shorter … because when you finally “get it,” there just isn’t that much to say anymore …

The fundamental shift in the recent tapping videos is this … For years, I like most “experts” have been focused on solving problems. Healing my skin, healing Fritz the Cat, healing chronic pain, healing relationships, quitting my job, paying off my debt, etc. etc. etc.

Now we go to the next level. Recognizing we didn’t have a problem in the first place.

“Let me recognize, all my problems have been solved.”

And this is what most experts will never tell you … This whole world we see is dependent on you thinking that there is a problem to solve … and you going “out there” to find a solution. Thus the endless array of products and supplements and “how to” programs that we are being sold constantly …

When the truth is … You are the Holy Son of God Himself. It is impossible that you could have a problem that has not been solved already.

See how simple that is?

So now our focus shifts from solving problems to seeing that there was never a problem in the first place.

“God still is Love, and this is not His Will.”

“God did not create this [imagined problem], and so it does not exist.”

As you can see, the need for words is almost over :)

So … do you want a practical example of what I mean? Our problems are entirely self-created. The recent fervor over student loan interest rates is a fantastic example. Are you outraged by student loan interest rates? Why should students pay so much when you can’t even earn 1% interest right now putting your money in the bank? This is a great example of what I mean in this article … sure, it IS outrageous … Totally outrageous and NOBODY should put up with it … But the solution to the problem is not what most people think it is …

The solution is not to change the policies. The solution is to change your mindset. You don’t need to attend these schools. You already know everything that is valuable to know. They are going to fill your mind with useless junk that you’ll later have to spend years erasing from your subconscious mind. If you don’t attend these schools, you won’t have to pay their interest rates. Problem solved.

Understand? And while many people will resist the simplicity of this solution … They will have many objections about how they “can’t” start their own business and blah blah blah blah … well, that’s what my coaching is for …

Take it up the ass from the system, or invest in yourself and get free … Like it or not …

Those really are your only two choices …

“Let us be determined not to collect grievances today. Let us be determined to be free of problems that do not exist. The means is simple honesty. Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and you must recognize it has been solved.” – A Course in Miracles


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  1. Hi Erika,
    I am on this blog for the first time and I am greatly impressed by your presentation skill. The story, style and flow kept me intact.

  2. eliz frank says:

    It does boil down to our mindset and beliefs. When I tell some folk that my lifestyle, these past few years, has been miraculous, they don’t get it. The universe is there to support us and lift us up. It provides us with exactly what we need.

  3. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Interesting post indeed. I do believe how you truly feel is how life will be. It does so much make sense that there really is no problems. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very inspiring post. I suffer from chronic pain and the last several weeks I’ve been in a dark spot. It’s tough dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis.

    • Hi Uplifting, yep I’ve been there. It was awful. Doctors couldn’t help me. When Western medicine failed me over and over again, I started exploring alternative methods. That’s how I became a healer. There is hope. Nothing is irreversible.

  5. Lisa RIOS says:

    Your article is very inspiring. I very much agree with you that, we should never deceive ourself about what the problem is, and that we must recognize it has been solved at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lisa Rios says:

    Your article is very inspiring. I very much agree with you that, we should never deceive our-self about what the problem is, and that we must recognize it has been solved at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Val Cosmos says:

    Interesting and funny story. For me, drinking in the middle of the day defines the rest of the day. And that means no control for the most part. So I restrain myself on drinking `till at least 8pm. And even recently been thinking to cut it off entirely.
    Cats are fun. Cats are low maintenance. Cats help feel less lonely so there is no urge to connect with someone who you don`t really feel affinity with just to fill the social hole. Problem solved.
    Life style independence is a dream come true, provided you know how to organize yourself. Been struggling in that department. Still learning to motivate myself. You seem to have a solid grip on that. My congrats! 8-)

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Val,

      Thanks for commenting :) Yes yes lifestyle independence and freedom is a dream come true …

      Lots of tapping, my friend. Lots and lots of tapping.


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