E-Book now in process … your feedback requested

All right, a series of events has conspired in my life to provide the inspiration … finally … for me to write an e-book. Yes, Erika’s Definitive Woo Woo Guide to Seducing Beautiful Girls will soon be hitting an internet shelf near you. I already wrote three chapters. Hooray!! :-)

So … what I’d love to hear from you all is … what kind of book would be most helpful to you? I’m open to suggestions about form and content. I want to teach guys, systematically and step-by-step, how to form the kind of deep energetic heart chakra connection that people like Connection Guy and Hypnotica are able to create. And of course get the girl, but in a win/win good karma kind of way.


Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with a bunch of Love Systems instructors, including Soul, Starlight, and Keychain. And this time I didn’t even have to leave my hometown! They were real sweethearts (well, except for Starlight, who doesn’t believe in sharing energy with strangers :-p) and a lot of fun … cute, too :-)


Speaking of woo woo, I had a pretty emotionally turbulent week. I wasn’t feeling very good today, and I’m now debating whether I feel up to going to a friend’s party tonight. But anyway, in the midst of this upset, out of the blue I receive a text message from Hypnotica. The exchange goes like this:

Hypnotica: You ok? … you’re feeling a little too emotional.

Me: Yeah. Something upsetting happened and kinda threw me a little. Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Hypnotica: Thought so. Can u say, “damn Hypnotica, you are good”?

Me: Fuck yeah.

Lol :-) You see, he can read my emotions even from a distance. Pretty amazing, no?

Respect the woo woo.

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. The Raj NYC says:

    Would love to see some audio included with the eBook. Sometimes I have so much real work to do, or sometimes there are so many RSDnation posts or Blogspot blogs to read, that a PDF eBook just seems like WORK to read! Haha. Having a few audio files included would be a big incentive for me to pay for product.

    By the way, the audio doesn’t have to be unique – it can just be you reading the chapters. Or you can hire someone on a site like Voice123 to read the chapters for about $20/hour.

  2. great idea!

    definitely look into creating an affiliate program, with your affiliates spending on advertising posting all over their blogs etc… you’ll reach so many more people

  3. Hello

    What I would love to hear is what is common to new people that you’ve met that made you have open to them from the start. I enjoy deeper more meaningful conversations as I really feel I’m getting to exchange something of value – the unique stories and views of life that we have. Thats why I’m a little bit sad and uneasy when new people I meet stay with their social mask on the whole time.

    So – best qualities to have to get them to open and get a better conversation going so you don’t have to feel like an interviewer/entertainer.


  4. Hey miss Erika, how are things? I’m glad to see you putting this knowledge to great use with an ebook. Perhaps I could trade my modest suggestions for some more of your amazing reiki energy! (woo woo does work)

    I’m sure of some of the things that you’ll be writing about and I’m anxious to see your elaboration on them. I think what would benefit a lot of the people in this community would be any sort of way to actually find out what they’re actually missing and not what they perceive is missing. Of course, that might also cause this whole thing to come completely unraveled ;)

    Perhaps a lesson in forgiveness of not only other people, but of yourself as well would be something a lot of people could use your perspective on.


    you suck!

    I need a guide to get…..well I dont need a guide at all.

    Happy money making


  6. Erika,

    I would definitely be interested in what you have to say about this deep comfort and connection. Theory and practice both would be great, but I would lean on the practice side, unless you’re really going to do the theory proud. There are so many kinds of theory, social, psychological, yogic, spiritual. So many developmental lines to follow.

    Something that sometimes can get lost in this pickup or “becoming more intimate or successful with women” territory is that some of us aren’t in it to get into sex, ya know? There’s a lot of really rich territory to explore and experience with women that we don’t sleep with. Not all of us are rampaging cocks. It’s not always only about getting the girl.

    I have a lot of female friends. A lot of them struggle in their lives, just to have intimacy and be intimate … I get that the struggle is part of the feminine, but for a lot of them, it’s not just their energy, it’s a REAL struggle in that when they really want it, when their energy is there … and some of them still don’t know how to make it and have it. It’s ridiculous!

    I don’t want them to have to continue to have this experience. I want to know how it works, so there is a place for them, a kingdom, or a refuge from the elsewhere. Not to get them in the sack, but because when there is that intimacy, it’s a beautiful thing, and is one of the things worth living for. One of the things that is worth continuing to live for.

    Connecting socially without meta-talking about it is huge. I was having a conversation with one of my best friends the other night, and got off on a jag of being deep and grieving, and then called it off myself after it felt like too much. She began to cry … because the people she speaks with socially on a day-to-day basis usually aren’t engaged enough to know it’s time to knock it off and swing in another direction. For sure, it’s really valuable when we can talk and talk till dawn. Lord knows, my best female friend and I frequently have to head for the cellphone charger when talking. Studying language has been huge for me. Understanding how language is already partially hypnotic, and what happens when we are engaging in that without realizing it, has helped me a ton. Non-Violent Communication has also been huge. Just last night, during a conversation, I was able to notice the invalidation strategies of this one girl as she was using them … even as she didn’t consciously realize it. With NVC, I do find it has a tendency to dampen the electric charge of masculine and feminine that can be present in interactions … but it’s still huge.

    Then we have the energetic realm. I wholeheartedly agreee with your post re: how energetic work may be the best tool we have to remove static from a man’s person in a way that can impact interaction. To my knowledge, some qigong and yoga teachers, maybe a so-called “tantra” teacher here or there, and mostly David Deida, are the ones who have written about this in a coherent applicable way. I believe Deida was asked in one of his audio interviews, ‘when should someone enter into a yogic relationship?’ or something like that. If I remember right, his answer was ‘Not at least after a few months of dating.’ He has made it clear that entering into that kind of agreement between practicioners is a pretty serious commitment … and yet it’s obvious that the principles that he teaches are in effect from the first moment of an interaction, and he really doesn’t teach how-to about what happens between first contact and the beginning of the yogic agreement. I guess some people are developing this in relationship to his work, but comprehensive “yogic game” as it were needs to be more than a conference call here or there.

    All I know is that there is a moment where it works. When that friend of mine is standing or sitting in my living room, silent, after talking about around something that’s been bothering her. When I’m right there, in that moment, only in that moment, in this body, completely open to her hurt, and searching for it, and I look at her. And she looks at me, and I know, and she knows, and she knows that I know. And in that moment, where it’s as if time almost comes to a complete stop, where all thoughts of could have, should be, wish it was, hopes, fears and everything else in that cloud of thinking and running away from wanting things to be different for the other person and all of it is gone … in that moment … we both know that someone has finally SEEN her … we both know that someone has finally felt her.

    And then she bursts into tears.

    That is a moment worth living for. That is a moment worth writing a manual for.

    And when there is that otherworldly seductive electric charge to it … it’s even more worth it.

  7. Sounds like it’ll be an interesting book!

    And come post on casanovacrew.com -promise no hazing!

    Oh and check this guy out, he knows all about the Woo Woo – ya heard!


  8. I’d like to see how one can apply the “woo woo,” reiki, etc. to sex and how to dissolve mental barriers that women have towards reaching orgasm

    Also, I’d really like examples of using NVC to deepen intimacy. I had something else, but it escapes me.

  9. Thank you for the suggestions, guys. Please keep ’em coming. They are helping to inspire me. I have a bunch of chapters written now.


  10. format for the book….

    would be many examples followed by your commentary. maybe some essays here and there.
    a combination of theory and practice. questions to ask oneself as well. that’s how i would do it….

    teaching is one of mankind’s nobler activities. Good luck.

    I love your Blog I hope the book will be ready soon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He fascinates me too. He is known for inner game how does that affect his “outer game”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ok, first thing you should try to abord is how to create natural attraction.

    2)How can you be all woo-woo in high energy environements or in bars?

    3)how do you generate compliance?

    4)how to manage expectations.

  13. Im a little bit excited to hear more about this e-book. The community would benefit massively from that.

    Me personally I would just like the ‘how to guide’ of getting that DEEP emotional connection and really feel, like what you describe with Hypnotica. He fascinates me :)

    Woo woo ;)

  14. Hey Woo woo girl, need some thoughts from you. ;) We’re having a discussion on Mehow’s board, I’m NoMan. (The smart one, the other is a very obvious impersonator.)

    One of the posters wants to know what to do when he gets a woman back to his place. I posted up some general guidelines that I use and my advice:


    I hope you don’t mind giving your own perspective on what you like to see when a guy brings you home and what you think of my advice and the question in general. Don’t be afraid of calling me out either, I would if you threatened to use Woo woo on me. ;)

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