Today I woke up in my huge comfy king sized bed, with no alarm clock, to one of my favorite kind of days. Stormy. Before I even opened the shades, I could hear the winds blowing outside. And when I opened the shades, I saw this:

Create an Amazing Life

Tahoe Storm

It’s a mixture of snow and rain. And it’s soooooo romantic!!

Then I opened my calendar, and what I saw delighted me: a BLANK entry for the day. A clean slate on which to write whatever I want.

Less than two years ago, I was still working a regular job that required me to be at my desk in the office 40 hours per week, plus of course commuting time and all the other time that “doesn’t count” when you are working a regular job.

Today, I got out of bed with no boss to tell me what to do, and went downstairs to revive the fire that I started last night. These almond logs are wonderful because they are so dense that you can have the fire going overnight on a really slow burn and wake up to hot coals ready to be revived in the morning.

Create an Amazing Life

Love the wood stove, it’s so romantic and cozy :)

Then I made myself a home-made cappuccino and watched as the rain turned more to snow, and beautiful snowflakes began to accumulate on the trees. Here is my yummy hazelnut cappuccino:

Hazelnut cappuccino with organic milk

Hazelnut cappuccino with organic milk

Tuning into my body, I noticed a feeling of bittersweet achiness around my hips and buttocks. This sometimes happens when I am clearing a lot of energy and some of it got stuck. So with a totally open schedule for the day, I emailed my yoga studio to see if they had any last-minute appointments available. And of course because I am in sync with the Universe, they did have both an acupuncture and a massage open this afternoon with my favorite therapists. That’s what I’ll be doing later this afternoon. With the snow accumulating now, it’s a good thing I manifested such a trusty car last year. My car can easily handle eight inches or more of snow, which is essential up here in the mountains. :)

Tahoe Snow

Snow beginning to accumulate

With all this, I came up with five principles for Creating An Amazing Life. And here they are:

1. Do WHATEVER it takes to get yourself self-employed. So many people are bitching these days because there are no “jobs.” Well, that is happening for a reason. It’s happening so that you will be honest with yourself and say, “wow, jobs suck, I wonder what I could do to make a living that I would absolutely LOVE to do.” If you need help letting go of your limiting beliefs about your ability to be happily and prosperously self-employed, I have very powerful EFT tapping video programs that will radically change your life. Start with the How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping and then move on to programs like the 30-Day Internet Marketing Challenge.

2. Do WHATEVER it takes to get your finances running smoothly. Worrying about money is a huge drain on your energy and impairs your ability to create an amazing life. I’m not going to lie to you, it was not always this easy for me. In fact, you can read here about me almost quitting my business two summers ago. But this month, I have made over $32,000 without working hard at it. I did not release any new products, I have not been recruiting new clients, and for the most part, I am only coaching one day per week right now. Earlier this year, I paid off my mortgage, so I no longer have that huge debt looming over my head. Your finances can be this easy also, if you are willing to transform your beliefs about money. How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping.

3. Create an amazing home. I have always had a talent for creating wonderful homes. Even when I was dirt poor in school, I managed to create nice spaces. This sometimes included a mattress set up on milk crates because that was all I could afford at that time. Having a tidy and beautiful home will help you feel good and also be more productive. Now that I work from home, it’s even more important to me to have a beautiful space in which to live. Here’s some simple mood lighting and aromatherapy that makes a huge difference in the ambiance of my bedroom:

Mood Lighting and Aromatherapy

Mood lighting and aromatherapy in citrus for a refreshing cleanse of your space

4. Stop planning so much. As A Course in Miracles says, “a healed mind does not plan.” When you open up space in your mind and your schedule, there is more room for miracles to come into your life. You can follow your intuition more easily and truly flow with life. Planning is highly overrated. I laugh at the idea of a five-year business plan. It’s absurd. All the best things that have happened in my business have arisen out of the divine wisdom of spontaneity and intuition. Why would I lock myself into a plan and thereby miss out on the miracles that come from not planning? Being busy is highly overrated. Clear out time and space and watch the miracles happen!

5. Take good care of yourself. There is no point to scrimping and saving when it comes to taking good care of yourself. It is so much easier to make more money than it is to attempt to squeeze your life into a limited budget. Know that money is an infinite resource that grows every time it changes hands. Invest in yourself freely. Get the massages, the acupuncture, the nicest candles, the trustworthy car, the season ski pass, and whatever else it is that is going to make your life truly delightful. Get high quality food like these organic fruits on my kitchen table :) And if you “can’t afford it,” for goodness sakes, How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping.

Organic fruit for healthy living

Organic fruit for healthy living

All right, time for me to get ready for acupuncture and massage. Another $333 came in while I was writing this post. Have a lovely day and don’t let ANYONE tell you that it’s “not possible” to have the amazing life you always wanted :)


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter

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