EFT Tapping and A Course in Miracles for Miracles of Healing

Someone is helping me tonight. I can feel it. It feels warm and lovely.

This post is dedicated to the woman with stage four breast cancer that Matrix Guy told me about tonight. He was sad, and he wants to contribute. He wants to help. We can combine EFT tapping with affirmations from A Course in Miracles to get amazing miracles of healing.

So here are the passages from A Course in Miracles that I would recommend as starters:

“Brother, there is no death. And this you learn when you but wish to show your brother that you had no hurt of him. He thinks your blood is on his hands, and so he stands condemned. But it is given you to show him, by your healing, that his guilt is but the fabric of a senseless dream.”

– A Course in Miracles

“Sickness is anger taken out upon the body”

– A Course in Miracles

“Sickness is anger taken out upon the body, so that it will suffer pain. It is the obvious effect of what was made in secret, in agreement with another’s secret wish to be apart from you, as you would be apart from him. Unless you both agree this is your wish, it can have no effects. Whoever says, ‘There is no gap between my mind and yours,’ has kept God’s promise, not his tiny oath to be forever faithful unto death. And by his healing is his brother healed.

– A Course in Miracles

I have personally eliminated chronic health conditions by combining EFT tapping with A Course in Miracles, conditions that did not respond to conventional medical treatment, so I know what is possible. I have received miracles of healing so many times. With God, anything is possible.

I am sending out my love tonight to this woman and her three children, and praying for her return to full health.

Learn more about Prayer Healing Strength with EFT Tapping and A Course in Miracles here.


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