Hey everyone,

You may have noticed I’ve been quiet lately, and I wanted to let you in on some of what’s going on behind the scenes.

I slowed down my coaching schedule a little bit to free up time to develop some new content and offerings.

(By the way, for the money naysayers out there, this is one of the wonderful things about being able to How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping. It can free you up from your other time commitments — giving you breathing room and taking care of your rent or mortgage and other bills — so that you actually have the time, space, and energy to fulfill your true creative potential. More money for me means better resources for you, so please contribute generously to the mission of my website.)

What this means is we have some wonderful opportunities for you coming down the pike:

First, very soon I have an exciting announcement about a new place I’ll be sharing some of my videos, articles, and a very fun interview that happened a few weeks ago … this is a VERY exciting development … and I will keep you posted when the time is right.

Second, I’ve been developing a new website. It will be more focused specifically on tapping, and on practical ways you can make tapping work for you better and faster than ever before. I can’t wait for the new site to be unveiled, I think you will LOVE it :)

Third, I’ve been creating some really exciting new coaching programs. Over the past year, quite a few graduates and students of my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program have said to me:

“I want to do what you do.”

And I can certainly see why they say that. To me, there is NOTHING more fulfilling on this planet than helping people turn their lives around and fulfill their dreams through my Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) system.

When you add to that the possibility of making a healthy income working from home, running your own coaching and healing business, and dramatically improving other people’s lives at the same time that your own life gets better and better … well, who WOULDN’T want to do it?

There is a downside, of course: to be a good teacher and practitioner of HBR — someone who can facilitate miracles for yourself and others week in and week out — you pretty much have to UNLEARN almost everything that you’ve learned in this lifetime, and LEARN an entirely new approach to money, relationships, career, and pretty much your whole life.

What a college education once was (we all know that a college education isn’t nearly so valuable these days), my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program now is. What grad school once was, these new Advanced Practice & Integration Courses now are. Learn more at http://tapsmarter.com/coaching.

(And, wow, do I wish I’d had these options when I went to college and law school — I could have spent far less money and time and I could have learned something far more valuable by doing these Miracle programs. After people learn my system, they have the keys in their hands to recreate their entire life top to bottom at record speed.)

Because our culture has stifled people SO much, and many people gave up on their dreams a long time ago … it’s not surprising that many of my 15-Week program students realize something when miracles start happening during their coaching with me. After it becomes clear that they really CAN have so much more in their life, it also becomes clear that the life path they’ve been on for the past few years is NOT their true life purpose and NOT what they really want to be doing. My students start to understand just how unlimited and amazing they really are, and with that new-found self-appreciation comes the realization:

“I can do so much more in this lifetime.”

Yes, you can. Ask and you will receive.

And it’s also not surprising — given the power of this method, and the fact that it’s actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it — that my students have been asking for more in-depth HBR mentoring programs that will empower them to do what I do: joyfully make a lot of money while also helping your clients in a very meaningful way.

That’s why I am creating a series of brand new Advanced Practice & Integration courses. Some of them will be reserved only for graduates of my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program. Some of them will be “add ons” that may be open to the general public.

The intention of the programs is for me to train YOU to practice HBR at a very high level of proficiency — empowering you to create your own thriving business practicing this life-changing method.

So stay tuned … things are about to get very exciting around here .. and YOU are going to have some amazing opportunities soon to begin creating miracles in your own life.

Erika Awakening

p.s. Don’t be left out. There’s no better time than now for you to get started with my Miracle method (risk-free) here: http://tapsmarter.com/abundance

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