Hi everyone,

Phew … things have been feeling soooo busy lately. My brother is getting married this weekend, my coaching schedule is really full, Vegas Guy and I are talking about getting married and starting a whole new life together (if you’re curious how he and I met, you can read the whole series here, and I told my supervisor at work that I’m planning to quit my day job. PUA Summit is coming up in a few weeks (get your tix here), and I need to plan my speech and my travel. All told, that is a LOT on my plate right now :)

Meanwhile, I’m also doing my best to continue giving you lots of great articles and newsletters (if you are not subscribed yet to my Insider Newsletter, make sure to sign up now in the little box in the right-hand side bar of this blog) …

It’s no wonder I feel a teensy bit overwhelmed. And yet I also feel SUPER happy, for lots of reasons, one of which is that I keep getting feedback like this from my clients (all of these after just ONE session):

“I have done a lot of therapy over the past couple of years (EFT, emoto-somatic release, talk therapies of various kinds, CBT) but one session with you has had a profound healing effect that none of the others modalities achieved.”

– Lisa

“I’ve FINALLY had success doing the direct daytime approaches [of women] that I had been so frustrated about lately.”

– Donald

“Addressing the things we did during the session gave me some weird/intense power & ability to go out solo and approach every set [of women] in the five bars I went to and get amazing results. I had no idea your session would have been that intense and helpful.”

– Tim

If getting feedback like that isn’t a great reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is …


So today is going to be a very short, but very important, insight … and an insight that will be comforting for all those who thought they were told old, too young, too short, too tall, too skinny, too chubby, to attract the man or woman of their dreams …

Because the TRUTH is that attraction and love have almost NOTHING to do with superficial factors …

Attraction is a VIBE thing.

I talk about this a lot in the speeches I give around the country. You will hear another example of this when my 21 Convention speech footage comes out next month. I tell guys why what they do and what they say has almost NOTHING to do with whether they are going to get the girl, because she got a “gut feeling” or “intuition” about him before he even opened his mouth … A man’s entire belief system is communicated by his vibe, and women are going to be attracted or repulsed accordingly.

Well, it works the SAME WAY for women who want to attract the right man.

Let me give you an example. Last night, Vegas Guy (from the 8-part series that you can catch up on here) called me. He was out at a club and surrounded by beautiful 20- to 22-year old women. Now, if you read the series of articles that I wrote about how he seduced me, you know that Vegas Guy can basically have nearly ANY WOMAN he wants. He really is THAT GOOD with women.

What he said last night though just touched my heart so deeply. He said he called me because (and I’m paraphrasing the gist of what he said during our phone conversation):

“I’m standing here at a club, and I’m surrounded by beautiful 21-year old women, and all I can think about is you. You have pretty hair and pretty eyes, but there are lots of girls here with pretty hair and pretty eyes. That’s not what attracts me to you. I see them all around me, and I do feel attracted sometimes, but I don’t want to do anything. There’s no desire. I don’t know what has happened to me since I met you. This has never happened before. I haven’t been with any other woman since we met. I only want you underneath me. It just makes me realize that connection isn’t really about the body. It’s something else.”

Yeah, exactly … it IS something else …
and that is going to be the focus of this next blog series, “Why Knowing What to Do is Not Enough,” when I can carve out some time to start writing the articles …

Please stay tuned … I appreciate your patience :)

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