A night out on the town with Swami

This is why I love my life. It has become so hilarious and so interesting.

So last night I was going out with Czech Girl. Then another girlfriend, we’ll call her Player Girl (because many guys have accused her of being a “player,” lol :-) wanted to go out, so I invited her along.

Next I received an email from another girlfriend, we’ll call her Marin Goddess Girl (she has her own blog, which you can read here), also interested in going out. So I invited her along. As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty much always “the more the merrier.”

This is when things start getting humorous. Goddess Girl sends me this email:

“Great! I’d love to come … are you open to meeting a swami guy who spent 6 months in Osho’s ashram with Osho 20 years ago … or is this a girl’s evening?”

Lol :-) My response?

“The more the merrier.”

The next thing I know we’re all at Ace Wasabi, drinking hot sake and having a great time. Swami is about a half foot shorter than Goddess Girl, and is wearing a knit cap and a baseball cap over it.

By the time I found Czech Girl, she had already been opened by this new guy (we’ll call him Tall Guy). I started talking to them, and he was making me laugh so hard I was literally crying. Definitely a man after the seduction community’s heart in that regard.

You’ve got to imagine this motley crew we had become. Four pretty hot girls. One very tall guy we’d never met before who somehow melded into our group. And one very short and slight Swami.

LMAO :-)

Swami started doing some healings with Czech Girl right there at the table, and next thing I know, Tall Guy, Czech Girl, and Swami are all holding hands and crying.

I think we got a group photo. Absolutely priceless :-)

Next we went to California Wine Merchant on Chestnut. I know the bartender there. I walk in and he hugs me, and then he says “is that your friend?” pointing at Goddess Girl. I nodded. “She’s hot,” he says. I’m just laughing because we’ve been through this so many times, every time I bring a new friend into the place … he thinks ALL my girlfriends are hot.

Anyway, tonight Mr. Big Guy is taking me out. On a real date.

More news soon … hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday night.

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  1. Post the group pic !!!!

    Wow, cool. I always wanted to meet such a guy too (Swami).

    Btw I can’t read your blog all the time, have you been Mehows girlfriend?

    Greetings Frank

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