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It’s an interesting time of the year, isn’t it? Lent, symbolic of the 40 days that Christ was tested.

The ego is feeling very threatened right now, folks, and that is the source of the “negative” publicity. I am appreciative of this opportunity to raise consciousness in the world due to the increased traffic that this “negative” publicity begets.

Remember always: “There is nothing to fear.” – A Course in Miracles

I make no secret about my views, and I’ll share a few of them here again, because I have found that there is value in repetition.

First, be aware that a person can only attack another from a place of fear and self-hatred. If he attacks based on money, it is because he believes in poverty. If he attacks based on sex, it is because he still identifies with his body. He will probably not admit this to you, due to deep shame, but he is miserable inside. It is impossible to attack anyone without feeling pain, because all attack is really self-attack (projection of self-hating beliefs). This is always true but is particularly obvious when (as in this case) the attacker has never met the person he thinks he is attacking, and has had no personal experience with what he is attempting to attack. You can think of Don Quixote fighting windmills, because it’s exactly the same thing. A man always fights with his own demons, because there is nothing else in this world to fight. Some applications of these principles are as follows:

– It is impossible to fear fraud unless you unconsciously believe you are fraudulent
– It is impossible to fear judgment unless you believe judgment means anything
– It is impossible to fear violence unless you unconsciously believe you are violent
– And so on … you can perceive and judge in others only what you hate about yourself. This is an immutable law of how the Universe works …

Second, I will never get any form of professional “license” or “accreditation” if it detracts from the integrity of my teaching. I will not be subjected to systems of arbitrary rules that harm people and make no sense. In this, I have been greatly inspired by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder of Non-Violent Communication. You can see an article about his philosophy here. As the article explains:

“Trained as a clinical psychologist, Rosenberg became fed up with the diagnostic system of labeling people as sick or disturbed. He believes that this dehumanizes people and undermines reconciliation. Remarkable stories of healing and transformation fuel Rosenberg’s energy and faith in the process he teaches.”

Anyone who has been to months or years of therapy without any meaningful results knows how frustrating this can be. You can put as many letters after your name as you like. I won’t even see them. Your credibility in my eyes will be measured by the scope of your compassion.

If you attack others, I will see you for what you are: a person carrying tremendous amounts of pain. And where your attacks are focused, I will know is your greatest source of pain. If you accuse people of fraud regarding money, it is your beliefs around money that need healing. If you accuse people of fraud regarding relationships, it is your beliefs around relationships that need healing. When you are healed, you will no longer attack because you will no longer want to suffer pain. This is an immutable law of the Universe.

Third, I will stand strong in the knowing that the body will never be a source of salvation. You can have sex with as many women as you like, and it will never fill the gaping hole in your soul. You know this. This is exactly the reason you attack.

Not to worry. I stand here to tell you that your attack has no effects. And that you are as innocent as I am, and that I will only see the good in you because I choose to see only the good in myself. This is purely selfish on my part. I don’t like to feel miserable. I like to feel good. Every time I help myself or someone else feel good, I feel good. It doesn’t get any more win/win than that.

“There is nothing to fear.” – A Course in Miracles

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