Romance … how do we define romance? When people think of romance, they usually think of romance novels, or the best romantic movies they’ve ever seen, or Hallmark cards, or Valentine’s Day. Over the past few weeks, I’ve discovered that my definition of romance is not any of that.

You see, it’s funny … I have never spent more time by myself as I have in the past few months … entire weeks go by of seeing nobody unless I venture out to the grocery store or to acupuncture or massage …

This is just where I am at right now. The social activities that I usually enjoy are not appealing right now. I’m really in my groove recording the videos and completing my own healing process.

So it’s mildly surprising to discover … that I feel more romantic right now than I ever have, and yes, it is as if I can already feel my partner here as I go about my day. As I’m cooking, cleaning the hot tub, showering, having a glass of wine, designing the remodel. I can *feel* him.

Perhaps you might say that I have at last discovered the Beloved Within. ;)

People wonder “how to be romantic.” And what I’m discovering is that being romantic means just BEING.

Lol, and I just drew an Angel card, of the about 150 or so that are here, I drew “Romance Angels are Helping You.” What a beautiful confirmation of everything I just said :)

Here’s the prayer, from Doreen Virtue: “Dear guardian angels of my soulmate, thank you for preparing my soulmate and me for love, for giving us the motivation to make healthful life changes, and for arranging for us to meet. Thank you for helping us recognize each other and have the courage to say ‘Hello,’ so that we can eventually delve into a truly intimate relationship.”


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at