Good morning, everyone …

Well … I didn’t even realize that my official podcast for the 2010 PUA World Summit had been released … on the podcast, Vince and I discuss my perspective on the “missing link” in pickup … but, lo and behold, more coaching orders started coming in (see my coaching page here) … and one of the guys told me he signed up for my Intro session because what I talked about on this podcast resonated so deeply with him.

Here’s the teaser, and you can take a listen by clicking on the link below:

Emotional Freedom With Female Inner Game Guru Erika Awakening!

– How deeply rooted emotions will either help or come in the way of your game!

– Why awareness is not even and how to go beyond the Power of Now!

– If in just a few hours a newbie can bang a virgin, what will Erika’s work help you do!

– Erika lists the primary emotions most men struggle with and their anti-dotes!

– Erika shares a secret Mantra to give your choice and power back!

Take a listen here:

Vince Kelvin and Erika Awakening Podcast About the “Missing Link” in Pickup

And then make sure to buy your Summit tickets here at this link before prices go up …

The 2010 PUA World Summit is Sept. 25-26 in Hollywood (that’s next weekend), with an extra day bootcamp on Monday, Sept. 27. I will be there live and in person, and will be speaking on the main stage over the weekend, as well as coaching at the Monday bootcamp. So if you are curious about getting coaching from me, now is your chance to meet me and hear what Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) is all about …



p.s. Now’s the time to put aside all your excuses, and make TODAY the day you commit to getting your issues with women handled … so get your ticket here, and let’s get started on this together :)