How to Attract Money and Create A Thriving Business Even With No Business Experience

Would you love to learn how to attract money and create a thriving business even when the economy is down?

Are you being held back because you don’t believe it’s possible to attract money without prior business experience?

I have hope to share with you, because I did not have any business experience either. And I almost gave up on my business right before it succeeded:

And yet as you can see in this article from January 2011, everything turned around for me. So it can surely turn around for you also. You can learn how to attract money.

Erika Awakening
Almost Gave Up On Her Business

It is shaping up to be another banner month in the world of Erika Awakening coaching … my Erika Awakening coaching schedule is so full that I’m actually having a challenging time fitting everybody in … my coaching rates are probably going to be increasing again … and very shortly, I will be fully living my dream of setting my own hours, having geographical freedom, living in abundance, and fulfilling my life purpose … all at the same time.

Do you believe this is possible for YOU to make a great living being a location-independent entrepreneur?

You may feel financially stuck right now, and you may be thinking things are hopeless and blaming external circumstances, but if you want things to change, you have only one place to look … at YOURSELF.

I started this business with zero experience in business and zero training in marketing and sales. I did not take any marketing or sales classes. I didn’t read any books about sales and marketing. I did not get a business degree. I did not hire a sales and marketing manager. I did not plan any of it.

I certainly did have my moments of frustration and despair … in fact of June of 2010, I almost gave up … but I turned it around completely within a few months. You can do the same thing.

How did I do it?

I found my life purpose and followed my intuition. It really is that simple.

But for those of you who like to have more concrete recommendations about how to get from A to Z, I offer you these TEN STEPS to creating a THRIVING business, even in the midst of a recession with no business experience:

1. How to Attract Money Tip #1 – Get in touch with your true passion. Don’t even bother going to steps 2 through 10 if you don’t get this one down first. We’ve all had jobs that we didn’t really enjoy. And it sucked. Is that how you want to spend your life? Don’t even bother starting a business unless it’s something you truly LOVE. You will need that passion to get you through it when you come face to face with your deepest fears (see step 8).

2. How to Attract Money Tip #2 – Meditate. If you ignored what I said in step 1: get in touch with your life purpose, lol, and you read on to step 2 even though you haven’t a clue what your life purpose is, then step 2 is for you. Meditation is absolutely ESSENTIAL if you are going to be in touch with your true life purpose and your intuition. And please don’t be a fool and try to do this on your own. You know what will happen. Procrastination, excuses … next thing you know it’ll be 2012 and you still won’t be meditating. Make it easy on yourself, and get the Holosync product that I’ve been recommending for a long time now … you’ll be SO glad you did (Learn About Meditation).

3. How to Attract Money Tip #3 – Learn how to make EVERYTHING win/win. If you would like to experience effortless success, you MUST shift your consciousness to make everything win/win. Say, for example, you are starting a blog, and you’d like to have more traffic come to your blog. Don’t make the mistake of buying one of those products that promises to increase your traffic “overnight” through totally artificial means. Those products don’t work. All you are doing is “spamming” the internet with junk. You think Google hasn’t figured this out? Be authentic. Find other blogs that you are AUTHENTICALLY interested in, and share your insights there. Trust the process. People WILL click through your name to find your blog IF your content is interesting and valuable. In every interaction you have with everyone, think not only about what you are going to receive, but also what the other person is going to receive from you. When both people receive what they want, both people are happy.

4. How to Attract Money Tip #4 – Congruence, congruence, congruence. If you want to succeed at ANYTHING, your desires must be aligned with your beliefs. This is where there simply is no replacement for my Holistic Belief Reprogramming system. If you have all kinds of hangups about “not being good enough” or “not deserving money,” you MUST get these handled at the outset.

5. How to Attract Money Tip #5 – Understand that money is an IDEA. And like all ideas, it is unlimited. Money is like air. It is meant to be freely available to you at all times. It is also important that you spend it freely as well. Breathe in, breathe out. Never any anxiety that it’s not going to be there, because it is an INFINITE resource. Because it is an idea, you don’t need to feel guilty receiving it, and you don’t need to feel scared spending it. You can always attract more money at will, as you need it. How do you suppose Jesus multiplied the fish and loaves? He used his MIND. You can do the same thing, folks. Yes, you truly can. To learn the basics of my method for attracting abundance, How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping.

6. How to Attract Money Tip #6 – Do not, I repeat, do NOT listen to other people’s opinions. So many times as I went along in creating this business, people “warned” me that I was doing it all wrong. “Don’t post those sexy photographs, it’ll ruin your credibility.” “Your rates are too high. Nobody will pay them.” “You shouldn’t share your despair on your blog.” “You shouldn’t blah blah blah.” Etc. etc. etc. So many opinions, so intensely stated, and they were all WRONG. There is one, and ONLY one, reliable source of guidance in this world. That source is your INTUITION. If you don’t think your intuition is reliable, go back to step 2: Meditation. And meditate every single day until you understand what I’m talking about here in step 6.

7. How to Attract Money Tip #7 – Break the “rules.” If you do read a bunch of books about sales and marketing, and take a bunch of classes on sales and marketing, it is my strongest suggestion that you do NOT attempt to “follow the rules” they teach you. You think anyone ever achieved anything amazing in this world following somebody else’s rules or using somebody else’s business model? NO. You know they didn’t. Don’t be a sheep. Question EVERYTHING. I consider my willingness to break just about every “rule” of conventional wisdom to be a huge contributor to my success.

8. How to Attract Money Tip #8 – Face all your fears. Do not avoid anything. Avoidance never works. Do not run away from ANYTHING, no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Face your dark side. Face the worst possible scenario. You will feel so liberated when you have passed through the veil of fear to the other side. This goes hand in hand with step 7: Break the “rules.” Only scared people follow all the rules. After you have faced all your fears, you will make your own rules. Want to learn how to do this? Sign up for my 15-week Miracle Coaching Program, and I’ll teach you.

9. How to Attract Money Tip #9 – Do less, accomplish more. Stop planning. Stop doing anything by logical reasoning. Go back to step 2 and incorporate lots of meditation every day. What will happen is you will find yourself doing NOTHING for days, possibly even weeks. Then, out of nowhere, brilliant ideas will materialize in your mind. And you will execute them easily and effortlessly. This is exactly how my blog was born, out of six weeks of nothingness and meditation. To read more about this approach, see my previous article here. Believe me, it is SUCH a relief when you stop trying to do things by yourself, and allow the Universe to HELP you :)

10. How to Attract Money Tip #10 – Care about people. Your clients’ success IS your success. Your community’s success IS your success. Learn to see yourself in everyone. EVERYONE is your friend. Everyone is your equal. Everyone is just as deserving of happiness and abundance as you are. The more compassion you have for each person you see, touch, or talk to, the more compassion you will have for yourself. And every person you help, you are also helping yourself. This goes back to step 3, making everything win/win. Invest in other people. Invest in yourself. I promise that the rewards will be sooooo worthwhile. :)

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