Simple Joy

Appreciating Simple Joy

All real joy is simple, isn’t it? Today I would like to take a moment to appreciate the simple joy of my Starbucks grande nonfat wet hazelnut triple-shot cappuccino. Day in, and day out, it is always satisfying. The baristas always smile and don’t seem to mind that I’ve added 15 modifiers to my morning drink. Plus, the random encounters I have with people in the coffee shop are priceless.

Sometimes I really think Life doesn’t get any better than this …..

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  1. Coffee is one of my top favorite things in life. I am not even exaggerating. I was a barista for a couple of years, and the knowledge really stuck with me. It became something I was actually really passionate about, and good at it, and it didn’t sway my love of drinking it at all. Coffee has been one of the biggest simplest pleasures for me, and it’s awesome that you wanted to really take the time out to appreciate yours.

  2. Esther Wilson says:

    Joy is simple. I really think it starts out as a choice to see the good in things and not focusing on the bad. I enjoy having breakfast with my girls every morning. Although by the time I sit down they are almost already finished eating. I am able to start the day out with them saying I love you's and telling me about their dreams if they remembered them. That is my (I don't think it can get any better than this :-)

  3. love this, simple and sweet. the randomness of little things that makes us smile during peaks and valleys of our day is priceless.

  4. Reading your blog.. and I am not sure where you are with your spiritual journey, but I see influences of Tolle. A lot of his work stems from Buddhist/Hindu spiritual understandings. I encourage you to explore that in a gentle way. Having said that, If you already found your path then you are set.

    I am happy for you that you have been able to stay celibate for 4 yrs. I hope you find a true master as one can easily be misled in this journey. Wish you luck

    If you get a chance read “An Autobiograpgy of a Yogi”
    Better to read it in Print though.

    A fellow spiritual traveler

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