Prayers Healing: Using Advanced EFT Tapping to Get Miracles of Healing

prayers healing eft tapping

Prayers healing: experience the power of prayer with EFT tapping

Prayers healing – do you believe in the power of prayer? Around here, we absolutely believe in the power of prayers healing.

Prayers Healing with EFT Tapping

I consider EFT tapping to be a supercharged version of prayer and prayers healing. We are literally working with God and the Angels via prayer and removing the self-imposed obstacles to being heard and answered. Ask you shall receive.

Those of you who have been following me for years may recall a couple years ago I had a miraculous series of events that led to me having much greater energy and vibrancy through a simple medical procedure. Read about those Prayers for Healing here.

You may also recall we have had lots of miracles of healing through prayer healing strength. This month we are celebrating the second ReBirthday month of Fritz the Cat. He not only survived a harrowing near-death experience with horrific kidney failure … he has gone on to thrive and beat all the odds. He defied the veterinarian’s diagnosis and prognosis and remains healthy and happy two years later!

Perhaps you also recall how we lost weight and got a better butt with EFT tapping the power of supercharged prayer. Learn more about weight loss with EFT tapping and getting a better butt.

Prayers Healing: A Real-Life Example from My Client and Customer Katherine

Well, today we have another answered prayer for healing from using our advanced EFT tapping products and services. She has given me permission to share, and I will call her “Katherine.” My customer and client Katherine is soon to begin my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program. In the meantime, she has been using a bunch of my 30-Day Challenges and skills she learned from me in private Erika Awakening coaching sessions to get her own miracles.

One of the first things Katherine did was purchase my 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge a couple of years ago, and she promptly lost a good bit of weight and looks fantastic!

Now Katherine has another prayers healing miracle story to share with you from using my advanced EFT tapping products and services.

Katherine has had a hearing loss issue her whole life. Until now, her only option was hearing aids that many people find embarrassing, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. So she was amazed to discover through a series of synchronicity that it looks like this problem will finally be solved for her. Katherine writes:

I know you always love hearing how the products are working for your clients. I just wanted to let you know how things are unfolding. It is amazing actually. As you recall, last May we tapped on a few issues concerning my hearing and would you believe lo and behold they have a procedure that can help restore hearing with a device and have 24 hours a day hearing without the worry of water, showering, or exercising damaging the device unlike hearing aids. Just like your laser procedure for your legs and how everything came about with it. The procedure has been around for a little while but because I was blocked around the issue, I was unable to see the miracle.

The other miracle……..wait for, it is a 30,000 dollar procedure covered by blue cross/blue shield of Alabama and another miracle… North Alabama has the only implant ENT specialist covering the procedure. Only hour and half away from my hometown. Wild isnt, Erika? :-) Many people have to travel out of state for the procedure and some insurances does not cover the device and surgery. So what a blessing indeed. … I will most likely be a candidate for the procedure. My appt is on the 17th of Sept for the audio gram to see if I am officially a candidate. So I definitely want to tap that issue and also to tap that I will not have any issues with the insurance company covering the procedure. :-)

Yippee. See how wonderful your products are.

– Katherine

We will keep praying for Katherine to get her hearing back by the fastest and easiest way possible. And we will continue to work with God and the Angels to bring lots of miracles into YOUR life via prayers healing.

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