Days 7-14 of the World Peace Challenge with Erika Awakening

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world peace with Erika AwakeningThanks for your continued participation in the 30-Day World Peace Challenge. I’ve decided to release the next eight EFT tapping videos now. I am not sure when Days 15-30 will get recorded. Thanks to all of you who have been sharing the videos with family, friends, and colleagues.

Day 7 – Radical Forgiveness

Day 8 – “People Only Care About Their Personal Interests”

Day 9 – Clearing the Belief that “The World Is Not Ready”

Day 10 – Clearing the Belief that “Some Mistakes Can’t Be Corrected”

Day 11 – Healing Our Own Relationships

Day 12 – Remove Projection and False Ego Beliefs

Day 13 – Letting Go of the Belief that “I Can Only Change Myself”

Day 14 – Letting Go of Defensiveness

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If you missed Day 3, it’s here:

If you missed Day 4, it’s here:

If you missed Day 5, it’s here:

If you missed Day 6, it’s here:


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