Days 15-27 of the 30-Day World Peace Challenge with Erika Awakening

Get More Inner Peace When You Tap for World Peace

world peace with Erika AwakeningSo … “coincidence” that I have reconciled a couple more “hopeless” relationships while recording the 30-Day World Peace Challenge? Nah, this is what you’ve got to understand about Holistic Belief Reprogramming. You have NO PERSONAL INTERESTS. Everything you do for yourself you do for the whole world, and vice versa. So we absolutely expect that when we tap for world peace, we are going to get inner peace and peaceful relationships. “All that I give is given to myself.”

You can also see here how this Challenge has led to some deep soul-searching on my part.

Today I am releasing Days 16-27 of the 30-Day World Peace Challenge. Day 15 seems to have temporarily disappeared lol, so I’ll be circling back with that one later.

Day 16 – Letting Go of the Idea of Scarcity

Day 17 – Letting Go of Dissociation

For more on this topic, see my article 12 Reasons Why Avoidance Never Works here.

Day 18 – Letting Go of Cruelty to Animals

Day 19 – Let Go of the Belief that “People Don’t Change”

Day 20 – Release Fear of Awakening

Day 21 – Release Anger with God

Day 22 – The “Battle” of the Sexes

Day 23 – Seeing People in A New Light

For more radical forgiveness, get the 30-Day Anger Releasing Challenge here.

Day 24 – Let Go of the Belief that “People Don’t Change”

Day 25 – Clear Fear of Change and the Unknown

Day 26 – We Need More Teamwork

Day 27 – Judgment, Punishment & Avoidance

For a deeper understanding about why avoidance never works to solve problems, see my article 12 Reasons Why Avoidance Never Works here.

If you missed Day 1, you can get that here:

If you missed Days 7-14, you can access them here:


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