Moving deeply into the physical …

Lately, I’ve had so little time to write … that will change soon as I let go of some of my other responsibilities …

Just a quick update this morning. I’ve been attracting a lot of clients whose goal is to bring their intentions and “fantasies” into physical reality … this is something that my coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), is very helpful for …

HBR is not really just one 85-minute session per week, though sessions are incredibly helpful. It’s really an entire holistic way of living consciously … and of bridging the mind/body gap … as we bridge the mind/body gap, what previously seemed only possible in imagination progressively becomes integrated into our physical “reality” …

Right now, I myself am using HBR in my own life to move ever more deeply into the physical. I’ve been noticing all my little resistances to being touched and having deep physical intimacy, and I’ve been finding the dark spots in my subconscious mind that support those resistances … and clearing them.

The “dark spots” and resistances are always made up of the same things, in very predictable patterns. The ingredients are guilt, fear, anger, resentment, shame, past traumas, beliefs we learned from our parents, teachers, peers, and our culture … You can think of HBR as a super-powerful way to erase past negative conditioning. So if physical touch has become associated in the mind with “danger,” then we must go into the subconscious mind and erase those associations before physical touch is going to feel “safe.” That’s what I’m doing for myself right now, and it’s the same sort of process that I guide my clients through … the process is customized for each client’s needs.

I often recommend that my clients use HBR in tandem with other practices because the effects are synergistic. Practicing what I preach, I have recently been immersing myself in sexual healing, touch, deep tissue massage, and a variety of physical experiences with the intention of continuing to bridge the gap between mind and body … I’m moving deeply into the physical, immersing myself in touch and physical intimacy … it feels scary and wonderful :)

That’s all I have time for right now … if you’d like to explore this for yourself, I invite you to sign up for my Intro session on my coaching page here … discover for yourself how quickly your life can be liberated from the past …


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