Hey everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving!! Usually when I post here, I talk about personal or sexual magnetism. But today I’m going to talk about another type of magnetism — business magnetism.

The product that I just released today is the sequel to the 30-Day Abundance Challenge product (Tap for $50,000) that I released about two weeks ago. (Read more about the 30-Day Abundance Challenge video product here.)

Already the participants in the 30-Day Abundance Challenge are seeing inspiring results — we’ve had many reports of the product paying for itself already. Today one of my participants made $1105 in three to four hours after tapping a few of the videos, and it looks like one participant has a $40,000 miracle already in progress (when I have permission to report the details of that miraculous development, I will do so).

Here’s a photo of the $1105 (plus one extra $5 lol) that he made today:

Not bad for three to four hours of work, eh?  If you make that amount every day of the year, your annual income is over $400,000.

What could you be creating in your life with that kind of cash available to you?

What dreams would come true for you if you could work only a few hours a day and make a healthy six-figure income?

The virtual video bootcamp that I released today will amplify these miraculous results still further. So without further ado …


Erika Awakening presents …


21-DAY Virtual Video Bootcamp for Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs, and Affiliate Marketers

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the surprisingly easy ANSWER to so many of your pressing concerns as a entrepreneur … Let me ask you a few questions:

Are you a coach, healer, entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer who loves helping people but is FRUSTRATED with the financial side of your business?

Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable asking for money, giving way too much of your time away for free, and receiving too little in return?

Do you wish that you were more MAGNETIC so that you wouldn’t have to ask so often, and instead the business would COME TO YOU?

Are you a “right brain” person who prefers the emotional and spiritual aspects of your practice and actively avoids dealing with the nitty gritty of sales, marketing, and technical issues?

Are you too scared to invest in yourself or raise your rates … and do you find yourself attracting “poverty minded” clients who are mirroring your own scarcity beliefs and are unwilling to contribute to you financially?

Are you looking to go to the “next level” (for example, from a six-figure income to a seven-figure income), but feel stuck and unsure what your next best step is?

Would you like this entire business-building process to be MUCH, MUCH EASIER and MUCH, MUCH MORE FUN by learning my secret advanced tapping (EFT) techniques that will help you reach your goals much faster?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the 21-Day “Magnify Your Business Magnetism” bootcamp is for YOU …