All I’m wondering is … why are you all working so hard at it? It’s time to try EFT Tapping for Weight Loss & Fitness

eft tapping for weight lossEFT tapping for weight loss and fitness is a pretty amazing thing …

eft tapping for weight loss fitness Have you struggled with losing those extra pounds and wish you could fit into your high school jeans?

eft tapping for weight loss fitness Does it seem impossible to lose weight and keep it off?

eft tapping for weight loss fitness Do you think the only way to have muscle tone is to spend hours in the gym every week?

Then it may be time to try EFT tapping for weight loss and fitness.

Today I’m going to share a rather amusing series of messages that I received from a man in the past couple days. He begins thusly a few days ago:

Holy [moly]! You know to be honest with you. I thought I might have 1% of my brain that is probably gay. But after seeing your profile pic, hot damn! you slapped that thought out of my system. I’d bury my face in your [bleep]. LOL I have no shame in admitting it. Pick up community tells to be unapologetic about what I want. So being direct!! How do you get a body like that, perfection! Do you have any fitness blog? Very inspiring as well as spiking attraction. I’m adding you.

I had not responded, and a couple days later our young hero wrote this:

I really don’t believe that you got your body just by the stuff you are telling me [in the article about Getting A Better Butt]. I have been bodybuilding for a while and I am sure you are dieting and squatting seriously.

There is no way in hell that ass is something all girls just freely achieve without effort.

He is not alone in his perspective. Most people think you have to work really hard to get a great body. When the truth is that before EFT tapping for weight loss and fitness, I DID work hard at it for an entire summer in 2012 with dismal results. I had a personal trainer. I was doing yoga and Pilates. I went to the doctor near the end of the summer, and my weight had gone UP to about 123 pounds :( I looked in the mirror and did not see any of the changes I wanted.

Why do we all believe this has to be so hard?

Probably Because We Never Tried EFT Tapping for Weight Loss and Fitness

eft tapping for weight lossSo am I currently spending hours in the gym or working with a personal trainer? Nope, EFT tapping for weight loss empowered me to simplify everything dramatically. At the time this article was originally written, I was spending 10-20 minutes per day maximum on fitness exercises. Usually less. And now it’s just a few exercises a day. The 15-pound weight loss was totally effortless and came off without any diet at all, as I’ve written at EFT Tapping for Weight Loss. Dropped the pounds and kept them off ever since, hovering right under 110 pounds which is perfect for me. That was entirely an inside job of emotional issues that had to be addressed to release the weight.

And here’s the unvarnished truth about EFT Tapping for Weight Loss and Fitness:

All I’m really wondering is why most of you people are MAKING THIS SO DAMN HARD for no reason at all?

Stop dieting, stop killing yourself at the gym … and start reprogramming and harnessing the power of your subconscious mind with EFT Tapping for Weight Loss. This is how it’s done, my friends.

So I wrote back: “umm no it happened from the tapping.”

He responded: “is there any picture of you before the tapping?”

And I wrote back:

“Yep … If you scroll down on this page you can see a pic before I lost the extra about 15 pounds, the after pic being a less toned version of my current butt – Lose Weight with EFT Tapping.”

And he responded: “LOL dayummm I cant get enough of your bday picture, one of the reasons I love life, chicks like you :) Life’s beautiful.”

If only I were not celibate lol …

I’ll say it again: Why are so many people working so darn hard at something that is meant to be effortless and easy?

There is a better way … Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to do the work FOR YOU … Join us at Advanced EFT Tapping Videos Gold Membership to get started …

If you need a payment plan for the 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge that got me these amazing and effortless results, send me an email at Erika @ … I will always work with committed people to help you afford my products and services. :)

Update August 2014: EFT tapping for weight loss and fitness is so amazing that … I am no longer tapping for weight loss or fitness. I have even stopped using the fitness videos and am just doing a few minor exercises a day. Yet when I went out with a friend the other night who has known me for years, these were his exact words:

“You have the legs of a 25-year old!”

“And how is your butt so firm?”

The secret, my friends, is to harness the power of your subconscious mind with EFT tapping for weight loss and fitness.


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