First, the good news. Fritz the Cat is out of the hospital and home with us once again (if you missed his harrowing story, read more here). We are so happy to have him back after our very scary experience with kidney failure. The vet told us Fritz could eat whatever he wanted for the time being, and let me tell you he is taking advantage of this boon. He even wakes me up in the middle of the night for an extra meal every night lol ;)

Fritz is home from the hospital, more robust than ever, and playfully flirtatious :)

One of the big concerns about cats who have kidney problems is that it is difficult to keep weight on them. Well, I’m actually starting to be concerned about the opposite. Fritz is gaining weight so rapidly that we may need to curtail his extra meals. He loves jumping up to high places in my apartment, and I am getting concerned he is going to be too chubby to do this anymore.

Thank you to all who prayed and tapped for Fritz the Cat during our ordeal. We really appreciate it. This truly is a miracle. When he was admitted to the animal hospital, his creatinine levels were six times normal (13). For those who are not familiar with what that means, it means he was in extremely severe kidney failure, and unless those numbers would come WAY down, he would probably die. To make matters worse: halfway through his stay in the hospital, despite being on continuous diuresis, the creatinine had barely dropped at all. The veterinarian was giving me very dismal prognosis for him.

That’s the point when a lot of people would throw in the towel. The vet sounded like she was not even sure we should keep treating him!

And that leads me to my current frustration with the planet. I take full responsibility for my perception and my frustration. Communicating about it honestly is my way of starting to correct this perception.

My question is this: why are people NOT doing all that is possible to get their loved ones healed???

My Facebook news feed is full of tragedies. Needless, senseless tragedies of deaths that could be PREVENTED if only people would start learning my healing method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming. Friends of mine who have sat back and let their pets and family members DIE when they could have done something about it and did not.

So what did I do when Fritz’s numbers had not come down? When I got the crushing news that the kidney numbers had not come down barely at all, I launched a major energy healing initiative. I went to the hospital, got as far into the cage with him as I could and gave him Reiki healing and prayers for hours on end. I stayed up late at night when I could not be at the hospital with him, recording healing videos, tapping A Course in Miracles affirmations, and tapping with my friend and customer Dianne Callahan Dougherty late into the night. I tapped through ALL of the medical literature that the veterinarian gave me, and a bunch of articles about cats and kidney failure that I found online. I did tons of sexual healing and motherhood healing, as these are related to kidneys and the second chakra. I did all this to CHANGE THE VIBRATION of the situation and GET A MIRACLE.

Which is exactly what happened. After barely dropping at all during the first half of his hospital stay, his creatinine levels dropped dramatically during the second half of his hospital stay during this massive energy healing initiative.

After Fritz the Cat got home, I tapped some more. We took him in for a follow-up visit one week after his release from the hospital, and his creatinine levels had dropped even more. The veterinarian gave the green light to reduce his subcutaneous fluids from every day to four times per week.

And I will continue to work on healing the underlying causes of the problem until I have a fully healthy cat. Because there can be no compromise in healing. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” – A Course in Miracles

This is not the first pet miracle I’ve had, either. To read about how Holistic Belief Reprogramming helped save my brother’s cat, click here.

I am so frustrated to see a community of healers setting their sights so low. Even in the EFT tapping community, I do not see much innovation or radical healing happening. Even in the Course in Miracles community, I don’t see anyone else teaching Eternal Youth. I routinely hear healers say stupid shit like “death is just part of life.” No, death is not part of life. Death is pure ego consciousness. It is a limiting belief. And it is our responsibility as healers to do everything we can to ABOLISH DEATH. I don’t see any other healer on the planet in any healing community working toward Eternal Youth, either. Maybe you are out there. If so, please get in touch with me. I want to hear from you.

And as for friends and family who sit by and do nothing to learn my method while their loved ones suffer and die, I am beside myself with frustration. For how many years will I be offering this teaching before you will see that you have a better option? You have a choice about this.

Yes, I am annoyed. Yes, I take responsibility for this and will be tapping about it in the weeks to come. This is my heartfelt plea to you: STOP SITTING ON THE FUCKING SIDELINES. Learn this method. Learn it now so you will have the skills to help your loved ones when you are called upon to do so. It is time to stop being a passive victim of life and get yourself empowered.

Yes, I am sticking my neck out here. Yes, if I don’t succeed with this long-term, I will be heartbroken and people will probably criticize me for speaking my truth. I’m speaking my truth today anyway.

Forgive me this vent, I truly hope you all can see how important and pressing it is that everyone wake up to this miraculous technology NOW. Please do not let another day go by and another tragedy happen in your life before you take some fucking action and learn these skills.


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter