Fritz the Cat as a baby

Fritz the Cat as a baby

Last night and today, I was so worried again about Fritz the Cat. Earlier this week, a scary vomiting episode turned out (after much EFT tapping) to be an innocuous but very large hairball. Then last night and today, Fritz seemed to have become very lethargic and non-responsive. My mind was racing through all kinds of worst-case scenarios. I gave him fluids last night, and then did some EFT tapping on my fear that we are totally dependent on and imprisoned by all this medical equipment and paraphernalia.

Tonight I almost got the needles out again to give him subcutaneous fluids (which he really does not like … I mean who likes getting stuck with needles?). Here’s the important thing to notice. The more I focused on the MEDICAL side of things, the more scared I became.

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But something did not add up. Fritz is impeccably groomed now and steady at 10.6 pounds. He does not seem “sick.” I needed to clear my head of all the medical fear. So I got myself a massage, relaxed and got more into my body, and during a pee break from the massage, had the intuition to email my Reiki healer. She is an incredible healer I’ve been working with for many years now. Her intuition was that Fritz the Cat was sorta depressed. Well, who wouldn’t be? First he’s in the hospital in a cage surrounded by all kinds of bizarre and frenetic activity. Then he was so happy to come home, only to find out that he STILL is getting stuck with needles every day.

So instead of getting out the needles tonight, I got out some toys. At first, Fritz the Cat was NOT interested. I tried about five different toys with no response. So then I got more creative. I took him out in the hallway and showed him two new staircases behind closed doors. He lit up immediately. Suddenly, my lethargic “sick” cat was perky and curious, checking everything out.

Then I remembered his favorite mouse toy that I had stashed away a while back. I got that out, and after about two minutes of pretending not to be interested, he suddenly started PLAYING FOR REAL. We ran up and down the hallway with him chasing the mouse. He took the mouse twice and turned over my little waste basket and stuffed it inside. TWO POINTS! I hung the mouse on a little step ladder, and he batted it around some more. His eyes were filled with genuine excitement.

Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat starring in one of my EFT tapping videos

Ever since all that playing, Fritz the Cat is pretty much back to his normal self, without any needles or fluids or medications or anything.

Fritz the Cat reminded me of an important secret of healing. Sometimes more medical care is not better. After all, what is more healing than happiness? Sometimes what we need to heal are fewer needles and more FUN.

Thank you, Fritz the Cat, for continuing to be one of my greatest teachers :)


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter

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