Even More Seduction Adventures Coming Soon in Vegas … Mehow’s Conference

So I’m sitting on my comfy bed relaxing after a very busy (and way too “in my head”) week, drinking a glass of red Zinfandel. Sitting on my deep red silk textured bedspread. I love the way red makes me feel. Deep ruby red. So I have lots of red: red cashmere sweaters, red leather jackets, red manicured nails, red crystal earrings. Red is the color of love. I once resolved that if I ever got married, it would be in a red dress rather than a white one. Ah, but I digress …

Anyway, my friend, who definitely needs a nickname for this blog, is on his way up to San Francisco in a limo for a fun night on the town. So until he gets here …

I already mentioned the seduction adventures that await us in Learn How to Attract Women Tips.

Now we have more fun ahead … and it’s even sooner than the Los Angeles conference. Mehow is having a 10 Second Attraction conference in Vegas the weekend of March 7-8.

And guess who’s going to be there? (besides Mehow, of course … duh) Hypnotica, Sinn, Lovedrop, El Topo, DJ Fuji, and Kamouflage. How very intriguing, for so many reasons! ;-)

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