Are we finally seeing the End of Dating?

So let me say this first … if you want to be a trend setter, all you need to do is follow your intuition. Nobody told me to stop dating, and nobody told me it would be the “next big thing.” But as you can see, it is the next big thing.

We just did a fun little show live on Huffington Post Live. They included me in the panel because of this article about Why I Don’t Date Anymore from last July. I wish the show had been longer because I had SO much more to say, about non-monogamy and about keeping your “Gaggle” and so forth. Still very glad for the opportunity, which no doubt arose out of the recording of my three most recent 30-Day Challenges … cuz like almost everything else in my life, it just fell into my lap :)

You can see the replay of our Huffington Post Live segment on the End of Dating right here:

Erika Awakening

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