Embracing Imperfection

Embracing Imperfection – Can We Give Ourselves A Break?

All right … I wasn’t going to post for a while, but as usual I can’t help myself.

There’s a big debate going on right now between Player Girl and myself.

She thinks she “f*cked everything up” by being vulnerable.

She thinks she’s going to “lose the game” if she shows any weakness.

I told her that’s just being human. (Not to mention that it also shows sincerity, which is vastly underrated in the seduction community. Are we embracing imperfection here or what?)

I, personally, mess things up all the time. I send too many text messages. I’m reactive. I have feelings. I get riled up. The thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is being ignored. So obviously that’s one of my sticking points. Yep, I still have sticking points.

And that makes me the sexiest mother f*cker around.

(If anyone knows a phrase that has the same “oomph” as sexy MF but sounds more “feminine,” the suggestion box is open. Lol, thanks Doug :-p)

So I say to Player Girl to OWN IT. Let’s embrace our imperfection. We are human. We are a bunch of foolish idiots. OWN IT.

My latest thing is to put a :-p on everything I do. I’m going to react, then change my mind, one second I’m elated, the next I’m apathetic, the next I’m rebellious, the next I’m sad.

Well, at least I’m ALIVE. Which distinguishes me from 99 percent of humanity right now.

Trying to be perfect is too stressful. It’s too strained. Erika Awakening is embracing imperfection.

Who cares about being perfect? I’d much rather be alive.

What do you say to that, Player Girl? :-p

What do you think, dear reader, about embracing imperfection? Feel free to share in the comments.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The thing about the seduction community, that you ultimately have to leave behind, is rules. You have to come to a total acceptance of everything you do, and you do that by mentally rehearsing whatever words you prefer "Everything I do is high value" or, "Everything I do is part of feminine, beautiful nature"

    or whatever. Takes about a week before you really start believing it truely, and after that the world is your oyster. It's all about strenght of reality, and you only find things to be fuckups because you allow it to be.

    Those things could be things that made you feel even cuter, sexier, feminine, if you structured your mind to work that way.

    Zeniues //// RSD

  2. Yes, though such men are rare. The sticking point is getting past games and going deeper emotionally.

    There's no way for a person to be emotionally intimate with someone else unless he/she first learns to be intimate with him/herself.

    Probably as we go deeper, she'll start attracting more men that she actually really sees at long-term potential instead of feeling dissatisfied with most of them.

    But I'll let her speak for herself …

  3. SMoKeLioN says:

    "Nah, she has no sticking point in that regard. We can't pry the guys off of her, really and truly."


    Can she hold the sort of guys that she really likes / wants then?


  4. Michael says:

    So, are you saying I should return my low cut little black dress?

  5. Yeah, well, I'm not recommending that girls and guys game the same way … :-p

    My GFs are definitely in high demand though from the blog readers. I feel amused …

  6. Michael says:

    Yeah, that's cool, but the results are still unpredictable. I ran that stack last night and I didn't get any proposals. Do you think my subcommunications are off, or should I have changed "Filipina" to "Filipino"?

  7. "By the way, that French/Spanish/Filipina thing is the most effective routine based stack I've ever seen! Did you SEE that?!? Holy moly!"

    Lol, Michael :-)

    I'm convinced that not only am I going to get married from this blog, all my GFs are as well …

  8. Anonymous 3:19 pm,

    Although I've heard your view before, I must say you are missing the boat, my friend.

    Most women could "get" a guy for sex anytime, the challenge for us is to find "the" guy and have a fulfilling relationship with him. If you don't think that road is full of challenges requiring major personality overhaul, you really need to go read Rori Raye and Christian Carter and get a clue about what's going on with women these days. Women have just as many frustrations when it comes to dating as men.

    As for this: "You are actually the PUA equivalent of a KJ and seminar junkie," given that most of what I write is based on direct personal experience, I suspect you may be projecting, my friend.

    Good luck on your journey.


  9. Michael says:


  10. Michael says:

    Why, you ask?

    Dry humor.

    Sometimes too dry.

    By the way, that French/Spanish/Filipina thing is the most effective routine based stack I've ever seen! Did you SEE that?!? Holy moly!

  11. Scarface says:

    Check out my experience and view on vulnerablility and strength/power, which I posted here: http://www.youaretrulyloved.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=612 .
    For me vulnerabilty and strenghth go hand in hand. If one becomes 100% of ones aspect side concerning your vulnerablility/weaknesses AND ones Strenght/Power/Drawing the line/Ability to walk away from something negative/etc.. I niticed for myself, now I've become totally Oke with the both sides within me, that I'm becoming better and better in calibrating in which situation it's better for me to express my Strenght/Power and when to express my Vulnerability/humanness/weakness/insecurity.
    Imo neither is better in general, Calibrate the situation by following your intuition.

    Bye Scarface

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are not in the seduction community. You do not go out and pick up ("sarge"). Because you can always get a man, there is nothing compelling you to improve your personality.

    You are actually the PUA equivalent of a KJ and seminar junkie, meeting with gurus and forming your opinion on human relationships based on what you've read or heard.

    Explain how you actually practice the female equivalent of game or make steps to improve your personality? Your blog is 100% indignation to anything that contradicts your self-image.

  13. French, Spanish, and Filipina? Kindly ask if I may have her hand in marriage.

  14. I'm curious, too, though I don't find cultural stereotypes to be very helpful.

    PG says she's French, Spanish, and Filipina. Pretty tough to stereotype, lol!! ;-)

  15. I feel curious about why you asked if she was Eastern European?

  16. SMoKeLioN,

    Nah, she has no sticking point in that regard. We can't pry the guys off of her, really and truly.

    If I may be so bold as to diagnose her sticking point, it has to do with transcending the games to deeper intimacy.

    But now that she's feeling her feelings, intimacy is inevitable ;-)


  17. Michael says:

    Oh, damn. Never mind then.

  18. SMoKeLioN says:

    For a long time I wouldnt show any vulnerability … it made it harder to connect with people. Everyone is vulnerable . And when you exchange stories about it you build trust.

    If PG is pretty hot and doesnt show any vulnerability at all, I suspect she misses the boat with many guys. Basically cases where shes like "Why did that hot guy not call me? Or lose interest in me and stop pursuing?". Its almost like by NOT putting any vulnerability there she is effectively putting up REAL disqualifiers. Basically the "that person is awesome, but probably wouldnt be interested in me" effect from the guys perspective.

  19. Aldonza,

    Yes. You'll get someone who forgives you for getting it wrong when you forgive yourself for getting it wrong. That's the secret — as within, so without.


    No, I think you're mixing up PG and Czech Girl. They're both hot but very different looks and vibes.

  20. lol, Doug. hahaha.

    look, yes I am a genuinely beautiful sexually confident woman. I'm also a Goddess in Fishnets.

    but somehow those words don't quite capture the oomph I was going for in the post.

    This is a great example though. I can take you feedback as "criticism" and believe I made a "mistake" and get down on myself for it, thus dropping my vibration of attraction through the floor.

    Or I can appreciate the feedback, ponder whether there are words that would have captured my meaning better, and embrace that I love expressing all sides of myself. I am a feminine, sexy, lovably imperfect woman first, and I'm also not afraid to play in the mud with the boys. I like that about myself.

    Now when I keep that perspective, I feel all heated up inside and goddessy glowing… :-)

  21. Doug Lance says:

    You are a woman, remember that. You can act like a man to protect yourself, but you will never find that one special guy until you're into your feminine self. You're not a sexy mother fucker…. you're a genuinely beautiful, sexually confident woman. A being much more intimidating. ;)

  22. Aldonza says:

    Amen sistah!

    Yep. I fuck it up all the time. I've become a master at it. So, I could beat myself up about it, or I could stay in the now and keep trying. Maybe one of these times I'll get it right. Or maybe (more likely) I'll get someone who forgives me for getting it wrong.

  23. Michael says:

    PG is Eastern European, isn't she?

  24. Funnest says:

    1 percent of what you read on Erika's Blog???!! My goodness, is that a neg?!

  25. Live. Be. Love. Give. :p
    I enjoy reading your honesty.

    Only seen in 1% of what I read.

  26. Player Girl said (by text):

    "NICE! Game on :-p See u tmrw. Love it! Love you!"

    How could anyone not love this girl?

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