A Real-Life Customer Shares How Paying Higher Prices Has Given Her Better Self-Development Results: 5 Surprising Reasons to Spend More Money


It’s so easy to give in to the money gremlins of fear and skimp on self-development

How often do you find yourself looking for bargains? Even I catch myself doing it, and I know better! Sometimes it’s just so hard to pull that wallet out of your pants and invest, right? Even when it comes to the all-too-important area of self-development – the best investment we can make – it is so tempting to cut corners.

Many of us were conditioned to think about money from a place of fear. The money gremlins loom over us and preach gloom and doom. What if I spend this money on my self-development today and don’t have enough tomorrow? I’d rather “play it safe.” I’d rather hunker down and downsize.

And boy I tell you the problem with that and why I haven’t downsized my life … it has been my experience that abundance contracts the more I think about not having enough. So if I moved to a “cheaper” apartment, I feel concerned that I’d end up being less happy and making less money …

I understand this money abundance stuff can be really hard to take on faith. Most of us were conditioned to believe that a dollar saved is a dollar more in our pocket. It feels too risky to take a chance with no guarantee of results.

And of course, there are no guarantees. Each person has a different life path, different level of commitment. Very often my coaching and products pay for themselves and I have lots of testimonials to prove it … and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes people quit before they get their miracle. Sometimes it takes months of slogging to have that big breakthrough. This advanced EFT tapping method is not for the faint of heart.

And that brings us to a very intriguing question: is it more risky to invest, or more risky to “hedge your bets” and “play it safe”?

So many times in my life, I spent money on faith and ended up with more money. I went deeply into debt for law school, buying a house, buying a car. And always the Universe delivered back more. I invested massive amounts of money in learning how to be a healer and coach, and now that’s paid for itself many times over …

By contrast, when I let myself get into MONEY FEAR MODE, I can feel everything constricting.

Which is how I got to the philosophy: burn the ships. Make a commitment so big and deep that you HAVE TO succeed. Leave yourself no other option.

So that brings us to the topic of my prices. I’ve gotten flak from some people about the prices of my Erika Awakening private coaching services and my advanced EFT tapping video products. I’ve even sometimes doubted myself and been tempted to lower the prices. Yet my intuition so far has always said “no.”

And that’s why I felt so delighted to receive an email from one of my advanced EFT tapping video product customers a few days ago. She gave me permission to share what she said. I offer it for your consideration … Are you really “saving” anything by going cheap in self-development? Or are we cheating ourselves when we try to get the lowest price?

My customer (we will call her Elsie) wrote:

Hey Erika,
I love your prices. I didn’t mind paying them to begin with but it hit me out of the blue how fun it was for me to spend that money Your prices keep me honest with myself. Making the commitment helped open my mind and raise my money standards and awareness. If your prices were any less then they are I do not think they would have been as affected in my life and i learned a few valuable lesson that I am starting to recognize by making that financial commitment.
That is totally separate from tapping that I have so many great things to say that I do not know where to start I am sort of speechless right now. I went from despair to feeling a lot more gratitude over night. All I can say is WOW AMAZING and I did not even get to all the other products that you offer yet. Which I have been praying for them.

Now this just felt amazing to receive because these are the principles on which I built my business. This is what I have noticed, too. The more I invest and commit, the bigger the payoff. It’s the people who never make a real commitment – or quit when the going gets tough – who never get the miracles. And so by paying more up front, Elsie got a bunch of unexpected benefits. Elsie has given us at least FIVE surprising reasons why investing MORE money in self-development may make you happier and more satisfied:

1 – It felt fun to spend the money
2 – My prices keep her honest with herself
3 – She raised her money standards and awareness
4 – She got better results by making a financial commitment
5 – And the net result is she is happy she invested the money in the products, like “WOW AMAZING” happy …

And then when I asked if I could share her insights about making a real commitment and investing in herself, Elsie said:

YES of Course! If I can do anything to make your job easier I would love to that. I Also would love to see more people make a commitment I really do not see any excuses or any downfalls in doing so. The quicker the commitment is made the quicker they can get out of their bullshit. There is also a lot of things in my own personal life that made me question security. I see a false sense of security in a lot of things that many people invest there time and money in but nobody else sees it or questions it so i was overwhelmed that i would never find security but now I feel a sense of security.

Keep in mind, this is a totally unsolicited, unpaid testimonial. She just sent me the first email out of the blue :)

And it’s an interesting synchronicity that I also received in the past few days another unsolicited customer email saying she wished more people were using my advanced EFT tapping products.

I just wanted to share Elsie’s emails with you, to show you that spending money does not have to lead to regret. There can be huge benefits of making a big financial investment. And Elsie has done a beautiful job of describing the benefits of making a big investment here …


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