Hey Everyone,

We have a bunch of new content on the new blog here. Today I put up a new video that will be hugely helpful for many of you. The specific topic is clearing fear about asking for a pay raise. But like all my videos, it’s metaphorical, so you can apply this video for:

Fear about raising your rates/prices

Fear about asking for a promotion

Fear about asking for changes in a relationship

Fear about asking for improvements to your apartment from your landlord

Fear about asking for anything “more” in any area of your life

Wouldn’t it be such a huge relief to be able to ask for whatever you want, whenever you want it, without fear?

Isn’t it time that you got your money miracle?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to ask for more … and have them say “yes”?

Of course it would :)

All you need to do is reprogram your mind, and harness the power of your subconscious mind … then everything will become so much easier!!

Let Erika Awakening show you the way with her revolutionary Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) system …

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